Is KSFE a govt job?

Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited (KSFE) is a public sector chit fund and loan company based in Thrissur city, Kerala, India….Kerala State Financial Enterprises.

Type Public sector
Owner Government of Kerala

Is it safe to invest in KSFE?

Kerala State Financial Enterprises – Chitties Kerala State Financial Enterprise (KSFE), Chit Funds or Chitties are safe because KSFE itself is backed by government of Kerala. It has been in existence since 1969 and has lakhs of subscribers to its chit fund scheme, more popularly called chitties in Kerala.

How do I call KSFE Chitty?

Corporate Office Address

  1. Phone No : 0487 2332255.
  2. Toll Free No : 1800 425 3455.

Can I pay KSFE online? Online Payment Login : The subscriber can make payments via online using Internet Banking/Debit cards. You can also submit a cheque in any of the KSFE Branch or pay using the POS device available with KSFE agents.

Which is the best chitty in Kerala?

Chit Fund Companies Ernakulam

  • P. Sree Gokulam Chits & Finance Co Pvt Ltd. 4.3.
  • Sree Gokulam Chits & Finance Co Pvt Ltd. 3.3. 3 Ratings.
  • Aayuk Chits Ltd. 5.0. 5 Ratings.
  • Gokulam Chit & Finance Co Pvt Ltd. 3.8. 5 Ratings.
  • The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Ltd. 3.8.
  • K L M Chits. 3.8.
  • KSFE. 5.0.
  • Sri Gokulam Finance And Chits Company. 4.8.

What is the benefit of KSFE chitty?

KSFE will waive the liability of the chit, up to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh, in the unfortunate event of the subscriber’s demise. The liability waiver option will act as a de facto, free-of-cost insurance scheme for Pravasi Chitty subscribers. One person can receive a maximum liability waiver amount of Rs.

What is the benefits of KSFE Chitty?

KSFE chitty is a unique financial product with advantages of both investment and advance. KSFE chitty schemes are risk-free as they are fully governed by the provisions of the Central Chit Fund Act 1982. The monthly instalment for KSFE chitties is in the range of ₹1,000 to ₹5,00,000.

Can I pay KSFE Chitty using credit card?

No, you cannot pay your KSFE chitty amount using a credit card, no matter whether you are making the payment online or offline.

How can I check my KSFE chitty details online?

You can now see the details of your chitty….On the chitty receipt download page,

  1. Select your branch name.
  2. Select your chitty number.
  3. Type your chittal number.
  4. Type your name – minimum first 4 characters.
  5. Type the random code on the image.
  6. Click the Get Receipt Button.

Can I pay KSFE through Google pay?

You can select the payment method you want to use on the next page. There are three types of payment methods available for paying the chitty amount online. UPI (Unified Payment Interface) – Payment using UPI enabled apps such as Google Pay, Amazon pay, PhonePe, etc.

Can I open KSFE chitty online?

You can visit the KSFE Pravasi Chit web portal or Mobile application and register by providing your basic information. You will receive a username and password and you can login using these credentials and complete the process.

How many types of chits are there?

There are five different types of chit funds that you can invest in and be a part of. Registered Chit Funds: Registered chit funds are the ones that are registered with the Registrar of Firms Societies and Chits.