Is Elnath a variable star?

Is Elnath a variable star?

Elnath, Beta Tauri (β Tau), is a blue-white giant star located in the constellation Taurus. With an apparent magnitude of 1.65, it is the second brightest star in Taurus, after Aldebaran, and the 27th brightest star in the sky….Elnath – Beta Tauri.

Spectral class B7III
Dec.: -173.58 mas/yr
Mass 5.0 ± 0.1 M☉
Luminosity 700 L☉
Radius 4.2 R☉

What constellation is Elnath in?

Beta Tauri/Constellations

Bottom line: Elnath, sometimes called Alnath, is the second-brightest star in the constellation Taurus the Bull. It marks the Northern Horn of the Bull. It lies just 3 degrees from the galactic anticenter in our sky.

Is Capella a binary star?

Capella is a bright star in the constellation Auriga. While Capella appears as a single star to the naked eye, it actually is a group of four stars — two large binary stars, and two fainter binary dwarfs.

Is Elnath a main sequence star?

Elnath is a blue-white giant star of spectral type B7 III, located at around 134 light-years / 41.1 parsecs away from Earth. It is a B-class giant star that has evolved away from the main sequence to become a giant star, larger and cooler than when it was on the main sequence.

What type of star is Alcyone?

B-type giant
The main star, Alcyone A, consists of three components, the brightest being a blue-white B-type giant similar to many of the other B-type stars in the Pleiades cluster. It has an apparent magnitude of +2.87 (absolute magnitude = −2.39), and a radius almost ten times that of the Sun.

What kind of star is Procyon?

Procyon is a binary star system in Canis Minor (the lesser dog), which is a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. It is among the 10 brightest stars from Earth’s sky. The system is made up of Procyon A (a main sequence star) and Procyon B (a much smaller white dwarf.)

What type of star is Capella A?

Capella/Spectral type

What is the meaning of Alcyone?

the brightest star
Definition of Alcyone : the brightest star in the Pleiades.

What Colour is Alcyone?

Alcyone is not part of the Taurus constellation outline but is within the borders of the constellation. Based on the spectral type (B7III) of the star, the Alcyone colour is blue .

What kind of star is Betelgeuse?

red supergiant
Betelgeuse is a red supergiant — a type of star that’s more massive and thousands of times shorter-lived than the Sun — and it is expected to end its life in a spectacular supernova explosion sometime in the next 100,000 years.