Is diffuse a verb or noun?

diffused; diffusing. Definition of diffuse (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to pour out and permit or cause to spread freely a drop of blue dye diffused in a glass of water.

What is diffusely mean?

/dɪˈfjuː in a way that is spread out and not directed in one place: Military power was rather diffusely distributed. Her hair has thinned gradually and diffusely all over her head. See.

Is it diffuse or diffused?

Do not use “diffused” as an adjective. “Diffused” is the past tense or the past participle of the verb “diffuse.” For example: It is a diffused facility. (“Diffused” is not used an adjective.)

What is the root word of diffusion?

late 14c., diffusioun, “a copious outpouring,” from Old French diffusion and directly from Latin diffusionem (nominative diffusio) “a pouring forth,” noun of action from past-participle stem of diffundere “scatter, pour out,” from dis- “apart, in every direction” (see dis-) + fundere “to pour” (from nasalized form of …

What is the suffix of diffuse?

We add the suffix ‘ion’ to diffuse to make the noun form diffusion. The other three words are not the noun forms of diffuse. We can use the word diffusion in this way :- A progressive work culture requires a rapid diffusion of ideas and technology.

What is diffusion Chem?

Diffusion is the movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration . Diffusion occurs in liquids and gases when their particles collide randomly and spread out. Diffusion is an important process for living things – it is how substances move in and out of cells.

What’s the difference between infusion and diffusion?

As verbs the difference between diffuse and infuse is that diffuse is to spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means while infuse is to cause to become an element of something; to insert or fill.

What is diffusion physics?

diffusion, process resulting from random motion of molecules by which there is a net flow of matter from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. A familiar example is the perfume of a flower that quickly permeates the still air of a room. ion diffusion across a semipermeable membrane.

What is diffusion in chemistry?

Diffusion is the process of movement of molecules under a concentration gradient. The molecules move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration until the concentration becomes equal throughout. Liquid and gases undergo diffusion as the molecules are able to move randomly.

What is diffusion in biology kids?

Diffusion is a physical process where molecules of a material move from an area of high concentration (where there are many molecules) to an area of low concentration (where there are fewer molecules). Diffusion usually happens in a solution in gas or in a liquid. Diffusion can only work with gases and liquids.

What is one word diffusion?

1 : the act of spreading or allowing to spread freely. 2 : the mixing of particles of liquids or gases so that they move from a region of high concentration to one of lower concentration. diffusion. noun. dif·​fu·​sion | \ dif-ˈyü-zhən \

What is diffusion dictionary?

diffusion. [ dĭ-fyōō′zhən ] The movement of atoms or molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

How do you use diffuse in a sentence?

Use diffuse in a sentence. verb. To diffuse is defined as to soften or to spread out over a larger area or among many people. When you have multiple people in charge of planning an event, this is an example of a situation where you diffuse power.

What does diffuse mean in medical terms?

The word “diffuse” means “widespread” and refers to pain that is more or less all over, or at least in many areas. The goal of this guide is to provide information while awaiting evaluation with your doctor, or for additional information after you have seen him or her.

What is the definition of diffuse?

“diffuse” in English. › to (cause something to) spread in many directions: Television is a powerful means of diffusing knowledge. › to (cause a gas or liquid to) spread through or into a surrounding substance by mixing with it: Oxygen diffuses from the lungs into the bloodstream. The drop of red dye diffused slowly in the water.

What is a synonym for diffuse?

Synonyms of diffuse. circuitous, circumlocutory, garrulous , logorrheic, long-winded, pleonastic , prolix, rambling, verbose, windy, wordy.