Is committee a noun or verb?

Is committee a noun or verb?

COMMITTEE (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the noun form of committee?

(kəmɪti ) Word forms: plural committees. countable noun [with singular or plural verb] A committee is a group of people who meet to make decisions or plans for a larger group or organization that they represent.

How would you put committee in a sentence?

1) The committee has decided to dismiss him. 2) Mrs Meddeman heads the fund-raising committee. 3) The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions. 4) The committee lacked a correct estimate of his ability.

When committee is singular or plural?

Committee is a collective noun. A committee is made up of multiple people, but the word itself is singular in form. In American English, collective nouns take is.

What is committee in the part of speech?

part of speech: noun. definition: a group of persons chosen or volunteering themselves to work together to solve a problem or resolve a particular issue.

What’s another word for committee?

Synonyms of committee

  • assembly,
  • body,
  • congress,
  • convocation,
  • council,
  • synod.

How do you form a committee?

1) Find a location for regular meetings. Community or neighbourhood centres are usually free and good to work with. 2) Call a public meeting on the issue and, at the conclusion, ask for individuals to nominate to form a committee to carry forward the issue.

What is another word for committee?

What is an example of a committee?

Examples are an audit committee, an elections committee, a finance committee, a fundraising committee, and a program committee. Committees may be formed to do research and make recommendations on a potential or planned project or change.

What pronoun is used for committee?

Collective nouns (committee, team, squad, army, class, and the like) refer to groups. How do you choose a pronoun to refer to that committee, squad, or team? When the group is acting as a unit — doing the same thing at the same time — the noun is singular and the pronouns that refer to it are also singular.

What is the pronoun of committee?

Implicit in the word “committee“, in this sense, is that it is plural – made up of several people who would probably subsequently be referred to as “they“, a plural pronoun (“… and they are keen to inform you that you will be contacted shortly. “).

What is a committee for kids?

A committee is a group of people that come together to do something or decide something. It is often part of a bigger deliberative assembly. A committee might have a special job to do for a specific topic.