How scary is Nemesis at Alton Towers?

How scary is Nemesis at Alton Towers?

A new ride at Alton Towers theme park has been classified as “too scary” for children under 12 by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The Nemesis Sub-Terra ride at Alton Towers – which runs underground, completely in the dark – has been given a 12A age rating.

What is the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers?

inverted roller coaster
Nemesis is an inverted roller coaster located at the Alton Towers theme park in England. It opened to the public on March 19, 1994. The ride was manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and designed by Werner Stengel, in collaboration with attraction developer John Wardley.

Are Alton Towers getting rid of Nemesis?

Alton Towers has confirmed that one of its most popular rides has temporarily closed. The Nemesis rollercoaster is undergoing repairs and has been closed until further notice. It is the second ride to have closed this week, after the Wicker Man was also shut to thrill-seekers on Tuesday, June 25.

How scary is Oblivion at Alton Towers?

For rollercoastophobes, the best thing about Oblivion is that it only lasts about 25 seconds. These 25 seconds are pretty horrific though as you plunge down a terrifying 180ft (almost) vertical drop.

Is Nemesis the most intense ride?

Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort was only the second inverted roller coaster to be built worldwide and a first for European theme parks. Marketed as “the world’s most intense roller coaster experience”, this B&M inverted coaster has consistently ranked highly in the annual Golden Ticket Awards for the top steel coasters.

Why has Nemesis Sub Terra closed?

The changes to the ride were believed to have been implemented during the park’s closure due to high winds on 4 April. In November 2015, as part of the downsizing of the theme park’s operation, Alton Towers announced that six of its attractions would not reopen the following season, including Nemesis Sub-Terra.

Is nemesis the most intense ride?

Is Nemesis scarier than the smiler?

In short: Nemesis is more intense, but I feel The Smiler offers more – and that’s why I prefer it.

Is nemesis the best roller coaster?

Opening in 1994 alongside Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s the Big One and Drayton Manor Park’s Shockwave, Nemesis turned 25 this season and is still considered one of the best roller coasters worldwide.

What is the most intense roller coaster in the UK?

The UK’s Most Extreme Roller Coasters

  • Stealth – Thorpe Park. Coined as the fastest roller coaster in the UK, Stealth is an adrenaline junky’s dream.
  • Oblivion – Alton Towers.
  • Big One – Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  • Saw – Thorpe Park.
  • Colossus – Thorpe Park.

What’s the scariest ride at Alton Towers?

Top 6 Thrill-Rides at Alton Towers Resort

  • The Wicker Man. The newest ride to open at Alton Towers Resort is also top of our favourites list.
  • Nemesis.
  • Oblivion.
  • TH13TEEN.
  • Blade.
  • Rita.

Is Nemesis Sub Terra reopening?

Nemesis: Sub Terra opened in March 2012 at Alton Towers as a new dark ride, something the park definitely needed. Though the building was utilized for the 2018 Scarefest as Project 42, returning for 2019, Nemesis: Sub Terra will not be coming back…