How much is my Baldwin acrosonic Supreme tone spinet piano worth?

How much is my Baldwin acrosonic Supreme tone spinet piano worth?

Figure is based on the age, condition, size, grade and rarity of this instrument. Baldwin Acrosonic Supreme Tone Spinet Piano, 36 inches tall, bearing serial number 527747, manufactured in 1953. Well cared for and in good condition. When this piano is tuned for maximum performance the value is $1,550.00.

How much does a Baldwin model cost?

BRAND NAME SIZE MODEL 1985 2005 BALDWIN 5’2″ “M” $12,198 $21,560 BALDWIN D.H. 5’1″ C152 N/A N/A BECHSTEIN 5’2″ K N/A N/A BLUTHNER 5’5″ 10

Is the Baldwin encore electronic organ any good?

This gently used Baldwin Encore Electronic Organ is in good working condition. The original box of music comes with it plus the booklet for setting up more the many different arrangements of sounds. One of the tabs changes the sound from organ to piano which is the primary reason I selected this particular model.

When was the Baldwin acrosonic console piano made?

Baldwin Acrosonic Console Piano, bearing serial number 699592, manufactured in late 1960. In very good condition. A few minor chips in wood, considered normal wear and tear. No known other defects.

How do I find the age of my Baldwin Piano?

Find the age of your Baldwin piano using the serial number chart found below. The serial number indicates the start of the year shown. 1890 – 1100 1895 – 6000

What are the serial numbers on a Baldwin vertical piano?

Baldwin vertical pianos, serial numbers: Models up to 42″ tall. 1984 – 1343955 1989 – 1453070 1994 – 1521569 1999 – 1556889 2005 – 1575074 2008 – 1577265. Vertical piano serial numbers: Model 248A Pro, 48″ tall. 1990 – 427993 1991 – 435212 1992 – 440915 1993 – 445623 1994 – See numbers below