How much is a Samsung Gravity?

How much is a Samsung Gravity?

That’s not automatically bad, at least for a feature phone. But at $153.99 (direct) on T-Mobile, the Gravity Q flirts with smartphone price, without any of the useful smartphone features.

When did the Samsung Gravity come out?

November 7, 2008
Samsung Gravity, released November 7, 2008.

Which phone define gravity?

Samsung’s sub-brand of Gravity messaging phones branches out with the Samsung Gravity Smart, the line’s first smartphone. Samsung has actually dialed down the shock factor here, as Gravity phones often come in electric hues of lime, blue, and red.

What is a Samsung Gravity?

The Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459) is a slider feature phone with a full QWERTY keypad. It was first released for T-Mobile USA. The Samsung SGH-t349 is a mobile phone available through T-Mobile and announced on May 20, 2009 that has many similarities to the original Gravity.

What is the first Samsung touch screen phone?

The Samsung Behold SGH-T919 is a touch-screen, 3G candybar-style mobile phone introduced by Samsung late in 2008. The Behold is one of the first Samsung mobile phones released to have a touch-screen along with the Samsung Omnia, the Samsung Instinct, the Samsung Eternity, and the Samsung Tocco.

How far can a phone fall?

Tom’s Guide testers found that a phone dropped from 100 feet (30 m) might survive the fall, while the same kind of phone might shatter from a 6-foot (1.8 m) drop. Why? The surface involved in the impact matters, of course, but so does the angle of the fall.

How fast can a phone fall?

Considering that the phone, with no air resistance, would hit speeds of roughly 80.24 feet per second when dropped from 100 feet up, a good estimate for the actual speed of the phone is around 60 feet per second, or 40 miles per hour.

When was iPhone created?

June 2007: The first generation iPhone hits the U.S. market. Announced in January 2007, the original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs as a combination of the iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communicator.

Was iPhone the first touch screen?

One of the most influential years for smartphone evolution was 2007. It was year Steve Jobs and the team at Macworld revealed the very first iPhone. Not only was this the sleekest touch screen device to hit the market, it was also the first device that offered a full, un-watered down version of the internet.

What happens if you drop your phone once?

Dropping your smartphone onto a hard surface can cause potentially devastating damage to the device’s internal components. Even if you escape the incident with a crack-free screen, you may have damaged the logic board, which has many different connectors and other components soldered to it.

What happens when you drop your phone in the toilet?

Turning it on while it’s wet could cause permanent damage to the internal wiring. Remove the battery and SIM card. Dry it with a paper towel and then leave it to dry. Dry off as much of the phone as possible using a paper or cloth towel.

How fast does an iPhone fall?

Using that value for C and the bigger area (the screen side), I get a terminal velocity of 12.2 m/s or 27.2 mph. Just for fun, what if it was falling with it’s smallest edge downward, this would give a terminal velocity of 42.8 m/s (95 mph).