How much do Great Wolf Lodge tickets cost?

How much do Great Wolf Lodge tickets cost?

Day pass cost Great Wolf indicated in a statement that day-pass prices start at $50 per person. A recent search for day passes for an upcoming weekend day revealed a price of $90 per person, per day. At that price, a family of four might consider booking a lodge room anyway, which includes access to the water park.

How much is a day pass at Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is providing families with a new way to experience the resort’s beloved waterpark. Guests can choose to howl for a single day with a brand-new waterpark day pass starting at $50 per person, available at U.S resorts this summer.

Can you go to Great Wolf Lodge without staying the night?

Thanks to the introduction of a Great Wolf Lodge day pass, guests can enjoy the waterpark without staying the night! For the first time ever guests can enjoy the waterpark at all Great Wolf Lodge locations across the U.S. for a single day.

Can I bring food to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can absolutely bring your own food and drink to the lodge. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave. Outside Food and beverage is NOT permitted in the waterpark itself, but in your room/lobby area is fine.

How long can you stay at Great Wolf Lodge after check out?

Check-out time is 11 a.m. As our guest, please feel free to enjoy the water park facilities until closing. We recommend packing a smaller bag with bathing suits and a change of clothes and leave the rest of your luggage locked in your car.

Can I bring a guest to Great Wolf Lodge?

Additional guests may be added, up to the maximum occupancy of each individual suite. The additional person fee is $50 and will be applied to guests three years and older. All occupants, regardless of age must be included on your reservation.

Can you bring outside food into Great Wolf Lodge?

How much are the refillable cups at Great Wolf Lodge?

Buy This: the Reusable GWL Water Bottles! And really by “Water Bottle” I mean “Bottle for everything but water” becuase my kids NEVER fill it with water. They’re usually around $13 each, but then you get free refills your entire stay!

How much is a wand at Great Wolf Lodge?

It’s $20 for the wand and then $20 to activate the game. The wand you get to keep for your next trip to The Great Wolf Lodge. It stores all your information, and you can start the game where you left off.

Can you bring your own food to Great Wolf Lodge?

Does Great Wolf Lodge drug test?

Yes, mouth swab.

How much is a stay at Great Wolf Lodge?

In terms of average Great Wolf Lodge pricing: On average, you can expect to spend at least $200 per night for Great Wolf Lodge hotel rooms. Without a deal on your stay you might end up paying $199-$329 per night .

Can you get day passes for Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge does not offer day passes; you have to pay for a night’s stay to access the facilities. However, you are allowed into the water park on the day of your arrival AND the day of your departure, so you can really maximize your stay by arriving early and staying late. They have an ideal setup for families because they offer bunk rooms.

Is there a casino at Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is non-casino business venture between the Chehalis Tribe, who own the Lucky Eagle Casino, and Great Wolf Resorts of Madison, Wisconsin. The tribe is diversifying beyond casinos to appeal to a larger population and reduce its susceptibilities to changes in the gambling industry.

Do the Great Wolf Lodge allow pets?

Great Wolf Lodge is a pet-free facility. Guests with animals not qualifying as service animals under applicable law will be asked to check out and will forfeit their deposit. A minimum $250 cleaning charge will also be applied.