How many episodes are there of lastikman?

How many episodes are there of lastikman?

Lastikman/Number of episodes

Who is the first lastikman?

Mars Ravelo

First appearance Lastik Man Vol. 1 Aliwan Komiks #56 (December 7, 1964)
Created by Mars Ravelo
In-story information
Alter ego Hilario aka Larry (2003 movie); Adrian (2004 movie); Miguel (2007 TV series)

What is the setting of lastikman?

Plot. Larry, a physics-professor from Manila, is secretly the superhero Lastikman. Years later he is a famous and popular superhero adored by the citizens of Manila and especially by his student Jepoy, whom he saves regularly from bullies.

Who wrote lastikman?


What is the heroic act of lastikman?

Lastikman is a superhero who possesses the ability to stretch and distort his body, and takes his alias from the word “elastic”. He is a half-human/half-alien named “Eskappar” from an extragalactic planet, though he was named Miguel when he came to Earth.

Is plastic man in the Justice League?

In the Justice League Unlimited episode “The Greatest Story Never Told”, Plastic Man was briefly mentioned as a member of the Justice League by Green Lantern to Elongated Man and Booster Gold. He is the only known member of the League never shown on screen.

What is the weakness of Captain Barbell?

Exposure to the element
In the 2006 TV series, Captain Barbell is shown to have a weakness: Exposure to the element, Askobar. The movie versions of Captain Barbell had to be redesigned from the comic’s original because they’re not as muscle bound as the comics version and were not body builders but actors.

What is Ralph dibny superhero name?

Elongated Man
Elongated Man (Randolph “Ralph” Dibny) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in The Flash #112 (February 25, 1960).

Who is the Stretchiest superhero?

15 Stretchiest Superheroes, Ranked

  • 8 Paper Doll.
  • 7 Skin.
  • 6 Rubbermaid.
  • 5 Ms.
  • 4 Mister Fantastic.
  • 3 Elasti-Girl / Elasti-Woman.
  • 2 Elongated Man.
  • 1 Plastic Man. The most important, well-recognized, and powerful expandable superhero of DC Comics, Plastic Man has the most unlimitedly malleable superhero body of all.

Who is the villain in Captain Barbell?

Ruffa Mae Quinto was a villain in the film version of Bong Revilla’s Captain Barbell.

How did Captain Barbell get his powers?

Captain Barbell. Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and resistance to damage. He is also able to fly. History: Captain Barbell is a young boy able to transform into a incredibly strong super hero when he lifts a magical golden barbell that was given to him by a strange hermit.

Why are men elongated?

Julius Schwartz has noted that the Elongated Man was only created because he had not realized that Plastic Man was available due to character rights having been obtained by DC in 1956 (along with other Quality Comics properties).