How far did the anchor fly in the Halifax explosion?

How far did the anchor fly in the Halifax explosion?

approximately two and one half miles
The explosion projected the 1140 pound anchor shaft of the “Mont Blanc” approximately two and one half miles from the point of the explosion, a fact which attests to the power of the explosion.

What was the SS Mont-Blanc carrying?

Unbeknownst to others in the harbour, the Mont-Blanc was carrying 2,925 metric tons (about 3,224 short tons) of explosives—including 62 metric tons (about 68 short tons) of guncotton, 246 metric tons (about 271 short tons) of benzol, 250 metric tons (about 276 short tons)…

Where was the IMO anchored the day before the explosion?

The Mont-Blanc had arrived outside Halifax the previous day and anchored overnight at the mouth of the harbour. On the morning of 6 December, the ship was cleared by harbour authorities to proceed toward Bedford Basin.

Who was blamed for the Halifax explosion?

12, 1917, just six days after the explosion. Swayed by the angry public, Justice Drysdale finds the Mont-Blanc solely responsible for the explosion. Captain Aimé Le Medec, Pilot Francis Mackey and Commander Frederick Wyatt, who was in charge of the harbour at the time, are arrested and charged with manslaughter.

What ship collided with the Mont-Blanc?

SS Imo
The Halifax Explosion was a disaster that occurred in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the morning of 6 December 1917. SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship laden with high explosives, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin.

How much did the Halifax Explosion cost?

Nearly 2,000 people died in the explosion, but the number of deaths which can be directly attributed to the disaster is estimated to be much higher. The total damage to the city was estimated at $30 million….Halifax Explosion.

Jurisdiction United States
Amount provided $0
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What ship collided with the Mont Blanc?

What defense did the Halifax Port have against submarines?

To prevent German U-boats from entering the harbour a steel anti-submarine net was strung from the shoreline at York Redoubt to Maugher’s Beach on McNab’s Island. This was guarded by two modern twin 6-pounder QF gun mountings at the newly built York Shore Battery and nearby searchlights.

What happened Halifax Explosion?

At 9:05 a.m., in the harbor of Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, the most devastating manmade explosion in the pre-atomic age occurs when the Mont Blanc, a French munitions ship, explodes 20 minutes after colliding with another vessel.

What happened to the crew of the Mont Blanc?

All of the crew survived, except for one sailor who may have died of blood loss after being hit by debris from the blast, 20-year-old gunner Yves Quequiner. Casualties included about 2,000 known dead and some 9,000 injured. More than 1,600 houses were levelled by the explosion, with another 12,000 damaged.

Why does Halifax send Boston a Christmas tree?

The Tree for Boston is the province’s annual thank you to the Massachusettes city for sending medical personnel and supplies to Nova Scotia within hours of the Halifax Explosion in 1917. The explosion devastated north-end Halifax, killed nearly 2,000 people and left thousands more injured and homeless.

How big was the Mont Blanc ship?

SS Mont-Blanc

Tonnage 3121 gross register tons
Length 98 m (320 ft)
Beam 13.7 m (44.8 ft)