How expensive is chlorine?

Chlorine prices spiking “For the past 20 years, a typical 50-pound bucket of chlorine would run anywhere from $75 to $85. Within the last year, it’s increased to $140, with the proposed price of $158 in the near future,” Heer said.

Is chlorine very expensive?

The cost of a bucket of chlorine tablets can be as much as $90 to $100. That’s nearly double the cost from last summer. Don’t be surprised if pool cleaners raise rates because of the cost of chlorine continuing to go up as supply becomes even tighter.

Why is chlorine so expensive 2021?

The prices also have been driven up by increased demand, fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. A report from Goldman Sachs released in April 2021 said about 96,000 pools were built last year in the U.S., with an estimated 110,000 expected to be constructed this year.

Why is chlorine so expensive?

According to experts, there is a chlorine shortage due to a swimming pool boom and a fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana. The loss of production and the increase in demand “means a steep price increase is likely,” according to the website of BB Pool and Spa, a New York–based retailer.

Why are 3 chlorine tablets so expensive?

The reason why trichlor tablets are so expensive and why they are sold out at many pool supply stores is because of the national trichlor supply shortage. …

Can I put bleach in my pool?

The solution to maintaining a clear pool is to use readily available liquid bleach as your chlorine source. Daily adjustment of bleach to your pool water will result in a relatively constant level of active sanitizing chlorine that will be cheaper and easier to maintain over time.

Did chlorine go up in price?

The price for chlorine used in pools has nearly doubled over the past year, and it’s expected to keep rising this summer as pool use increases, according to CNBC. The shortage is set to be the worst in recent US history, CNBC reported.

Is chlorine still in shortage?

Between the pandemic and a catastrophic fire, the U.S. is currently experiencing a major shortage of chlorine tablets. But it doesn’t have to end your summer swimming fun. The COVID-19 pandemic caused waves in the world of shipping and manufacturing, leading to shortages of appliances, lumber, electronics, and more.

Are chlorine prices coming down?

The financial services company IHS Markit says chlorine prices are expected to spike 70 percent this summer, compared to 2020.

Why is pool chlorine so scarce?

The shortage is due to increased demand for pool supplies during the pandemic and a chemical fire at a BioLab facility in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura that knocked out one of the country’s three main chlorine manufacturers.

Is chlorine hard to get?

There’s a Massive Chlorine Shortage Coming This Summer. Several factors, including COVID-19 and a massive fire at a chlorine plant, are responsible for the chlorine shortage. If you’re a pool owner, you have several alternative options to replace chlorine, including bromine and saltwater pools.

Will there be a chlorine shortage in 2022?

There are several factors causing the chlorine shortage currently plaguing the pool and spa industry, but perhaps the largest is the loss of the BioLab chlorine plant in Lake Charles, La., as a result of Hurricane Laura last August.