How do you say white in Cantonese?

How do you say white in Cantonese?

Cantonese is known as the Traditional Chinese language, while Mandarin is known as the Simplified one….Naming Colors In Cantonese.

English Cantonese Pinyin
white 白色 baak6 sik1
gray 灰色 fui1 sik1
red 紅色 hung4 sik1
blue 藍色 laam4 sik1

How do u say white in other languages?

In other languages White

  1. American English: white /ˈwaɪt/
  2. Arabic: أَبْيَض
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: branco.
  4. Chinese: 白的
  5. Croatian: bijeli.
  6. Czech: bílý
  7. Danish: hvid.
  8. Dutch: wit.

What is the meaning of Xiao in Chinese?

Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including ‘dawn, morning’, ‘little’ or ‘respectful, reverent’. It can also be used in with a person’s last name to call younger generation eg with a surname Chan, anyone that is older will call the younger person Xiao Chan.

What does BÁI mean in Chinese?

the colour white
Bái is the pinyin of the surname 白, meaning the colour white. Some people with this name are of Mongol origin. Another surname, 柏, meaning the tree cypress.

What does Lo fan mean in Chinese?

Lo Fan is a term the Chinese used to refer to Americans meant as (Barbarian) due to the lack of patience and discipline. —

Does Xiao mean demon?

obscure word that means mountain demon. apparently the specific demon is of slight and pretty particular stature. xiao is known as the ‘guardian yaksha’ or 护法夜叉大将 (hufa yecha dajiang), lit.

What Xian means?

xian, (Chinese: “immortal” or “transcendent”) in Chinese Daoism, an immortal who has achieved divinity through devotion to Daoist practices and teachings.

What is Pai means in Chinese?

排 pái. a row a line to set in order to arrange to line up to eliminate to drain to push open platoon raft classifier for lines, rows etc. Example Usage Strokes. 派

What does Ling mean in Chinese?

Meaning & History From Chinese 灵 (líng) meaning “spirit, soul”, 铃 (líng) meaning “bell, chime”, or other Chinese characters that are pronounced similarly.

What do Chinese call America?

It may be a nice feeling to know that, in Chinese, the United States of America is colloquially known as 美国 (meiguo), a word composed of two characters: the one for “Beauty” and one for “nation,” or “country.” This is, strictly speaking, not the official name, which is even more flattering: 美利坚合众国 (meilijian hezhongguo …

What is the Chinese symbol for white?

Symbolism for White in General. [6] In the East, white symbolizes death and mourning, [2] and Chinese funeral garments are often coarse white. [5] In India, white is a symbol for unhappiness, and in Japan certain white flowers symbolize death. [6] In Ancient Rome and Greece, people associated white with death and life.

What is green in Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, the colors blue and green are associated with nature, serenity, growth and health. Blue and green dragons symbolize the approaching spring, evoking the clear skies and new plants that the season brings. These colors also are representative of the East and indicate Eastern dragons.

What is a white sauce Chinese?

Chinese White Sauce is very different from the mildly flavoured Continental version, although it also has a creamy consistency and a pleasant white colour. This vibrant sauce is made of clear vegetable stock, thickened with cornflour and perked up with typical Oriental flavorings like ginger and garlic.

What is Chinese white paper?

White Paper (on China) The White Paper sought to account for the imminent communist victory in 1949 in the Chinese civil war. The White Paper, officially entitled “United States Relations with China,” was a Department of State document issued August 5, 1949, under the auspices of Secretary of. State Dean Acheson.