How do you release the tension on a Craftsman belt sander?

How do you release the tension on a Craftsman belt sander?

Unplug the sander from the receptacle and allow the belt to cool if the sander was just in use. Locate the tension release lever mounted on the idler pulley support, which is located between the two belt pulleys. Slide the lever up and toward the front of the sander, releasing tension on the belt.

What size belt does a Craftsman belt sander use?

4 x 36-in.
Attach Craftsman’s 4 x 36-in. Sanding Belt, 50-Grit to your belt sander to produce a smooth and professional-looking surface on wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass and more.

How do you change the sandpaper on a Craftsman sander?

1 Answer. When rotated, that lever should lift the bar it is mounted to. You then slip the edge of the sandpaper under the bar and rotate the lever back, the bar will pinch the paper under it. Pull the paper taut and repeat on the other side of the sander to secure.

How do you adjust the tension on a belt sander?

If the belt is shifting toward the side of the sander that the knob is on, then loosen the knob by turning it about half a turn counterclockwise. If the belt is shifting away from the side of the sander that the knob is on, tighten the knob by turning it about half a turn clockwise.

How many amps is a belt sander?

Most handheld belt sanders’ motors run between 6 and 12 amps of power; if you only need the tool for lightweight and occasional sanding jobs, the lower end of that range is sufficient, but if you plan on tackling larger projects, you’ll be happier with a belt sander that runs towards the top of that range.

Does Dewalt make a belt sander?

DEWALT 120-Volt 8-Amp Belt Sander with Case.

How do you use a belt sander step by step?

Turn the sander on and let it run for a few seconds to get up to speed. Starting with the rear of the sander, gently ease the belt onto the wood. Make long, even strokes along the wood grain. Apply a steady pressure to the sander, but avoid pressing down too firmly as this could gouge the board.

Where do I find the model number on a beltsman belt sander?

Page 11 3 IN. BELT SANDER — MODEL NUMBER 315.117120 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all corrM,=_pondence regarding your CRAFTSMAN SANDER or when ordedng repair parts.

What is the warranty on a craftsman belt sander?

Page 2 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN BELT SANDER If this Craftsman Belt Sander fails to give complete satisfaction within one year’from th_e of purchase RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES and Sears will repair it, free of charge,… Page 3 RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION (Continued) 8. DON’T FORCE TOOL.

Where can I get a belt sander repaired?

Page 12 CRRFTSMRN 3 INCH OWNERS BELT SANDER MANUAL DOUBLE INSULATED SERVICE Now that you have purchased your Belt Sander, should a need ever exist for repair parts or service, simple contact any Sears Service Center and most Sears, Roebuck and Co. stores. Be sure to provide all pertinent facts when you cal! or visit.

How do you adjust the tension on a sanding belt pulley?

To release tension on the front pulley, you must depress the front pulley untilthe notch in the platen assembly wilt fit the slot, then rotate the notch onto the slot. Page 7 OPERATION TO ADJUST SANDING BELT TRACKING See Figure 10.