How do you get the boot in Poptropica survival?

How do you get the boot in Poptropica survival?

Go to the very left of the area, and jump onto the highest branch of the tree that has a shoe stuck inside it. Position yourself right next to the opening of the tree, then go to your inventory and click “Use” on the shoelace to add it to the fishing pole.

How do you get the striker in Poptropica survival?

Jump back down onto the snowy ground. Click on the hole in the snow. Clear the snow away with the mittens. You will get the striker!

Where do you build the fire in Poptropica survival?

Run outside between the boulder and fallen tree, right behind the hump of snow. Click the campfire icon next to the thermometer. Rub the snow off of the ground to clear an area to start your fire, making sure you uncover as much as possible.

Where is the rope in survival Island 5?

When Van Buren passes to the right, jump up on the wood pile and jump left, into the sawmill. Go to the spinning gears, and USE your gear. Jump on the mill wheel, and jump up to the platform above. Go right and push the box to the right; it’ll fall and hook the orange rope.

How do you get the rope in Poptropica survival 5?

How do I get the rope? Make your way up above the trapped bear, and click the rope to untie it. Not only have you freed the bear, but you can also pick up the Rope!

How do you get the three eggs in Poptropica?

The first egg is located on the right, above the basketball hoop. The second egg is located on the left. Jump on top of the statue of Warden Sharp, then up to the left. The third egg is located directly above the second egg.

How do you use the sharpened spoon in Poptropica?

Stir the part and the potatoes will turn into potato marble. Distraught at the ruined mashed potatoes, Flambe will take out the potato plaster block. If you click on it, you can use the sharpened spoon to chisel yourself an unpainted Dummy Head. When you’re done with that, go back to your cell and call it a night.

When did escape from Pelican Rock come out?

December 10, 2015
Trivia. Escape From Pelican Rock Island is Poptropica’s 45th island, and was released to members on December 10, 2015. It was released to all on December 30, 2015.