How do you cheat in Medal of Honor Airborne?

How do you cheat in Medal of Honor Airborne?

PC Cheats

  1. god – God Mode On/Off.
  2. fly – Fly Mode (use etheral code to disable)
  3. walk – Stop flying.
  4. ghost – No-clipping mode On/Off.
  5. etheral – No Clipping mode On/Off.
  6. giveammo – Gives all ammo for all weapons.
  7. allweapons – Gives all weapons.
  8. loaded – Gives all weapons, ammo and 100 adrenaline.

Is Medal of Honor Airborne fun?

After a long line of disappointing games in the Medal of Honor franchise that just never could recapture the magic successes of Allied Assault, we finally get Medal of Honor: Airborne that combines high presentation values and good, fast-paced fun.

Does Medal of Honor Airborne have controller support?

I downloaded and played medal of honor airborne and it has controller support.

How do you destroy the tank in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Start throwing grenades at the tank. These actions don’t have to be too precise. Just make sure that grenades explode somewhere near the tank and you’ll destroy it very soon.

How many missions are in Medal of Honor Airborne?

six missions
Single-player. In the game’s main campaign, players assume the role of a fictional paratrooper working alongside other members of an American airborne division, to complete a series of objectives within each of the campaign’s six missions.

How do you enable cheats in Medal of Honor Pacific Assault?

To activate the cheat codes you need to create a shortcut from the MOHAA executable (.exe) icon. The default location is C:Program FilesEA GAMESMOHAA. toggle cg_3rd_person: Toggles 3rd person view.

How long does it take to beat Medal of Honor Airborne?

When focusing on the main objectives, Medal of Honor: Airborne is about 6 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 11 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Medal of Honor Airborne 2 player split screen?

Multiplayer has been included in the game in the form of a 2-4 player split-screen mode with both the Wii and PS2 versions. This is currently the last Medal of Honor game to feature split screen mode.

How do you turn off motion blur in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Graphics tweaks

  1. Launch game at least once and configure your controls.
  2. Open %USERPROFILE% \ Documents \EA Games\Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)\Config\MOHASettings.ini.
  3. In section [MOHAGame. MOHAScalabilityOptions] you can turn on and off several graphical settings like bloom, depth of field, motion blur, shadows and more.

How do I change graphics settings in Medal of Honor Airborne?

go to the Electronic fArts folder under all programs, and then click on set up in the medal of honor folder. that allows you to change video settings.

Who does the army trust the most airborne?

Paratrooper: Who does the Army trust the most? Other Paratroopers: Airborne!

Who made Medal of Honor Airborne?

DICE Los Angeles
Medal of Honor: Airborne/Developers

Is there a walkthrough for Medal of Honor Airborne?

Medal of Honor: Airborne Walkthrough. The battles of the airborne infantry come to life in Medal of Honor: Airborne, and GameSpot’s Walkthrough is going to get you through them. Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

How do you upgrade weapons in airborne?

If you’re using a bolt-action rifle, though, just flip to melee attacks and use those instead. Each of the weapons that you use in Airborne has three different upgrade levels that it can reach. When you start killing opponents with a weapon, you’ll see its icon in the bottom right corner of the screen start to fill up with blue.

How does airborne compare to other FPS games?

Unlike most FPS games, you’re given a lot of freedom in Airborne: the levels are designed such that you can drop down from the sky, as opposed to being set on a specific path and being forced to go forward.