How do u use detonate in a sentence?

How do u use detonate in a sentence?

Detonate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When the terrorists began to detonate each bomb, many people heard the loud noise and ran for their lives.
  2. In order to win the war video game, the player must detonate each bomb to make each building crumble to the ground.

What does it mean to detonate someone?

: to explode with sudden violence. transitive verb.

What is an example of detonation?

An explosion. An explosion or sudden report made by the near-instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances as, the detonation of gun cotton. Engine knocking, an improper combustion in internal combustion engines.

What does detonate mean group of answer choices?

To detonate is to explode or cause something to explode.

What is the opposite word for detonate?

What is the opposite of detonate?

implode deflagrate
dismantle collapse
buckle crumple
give yield
tumble founder

What word means to stop the bomb?

defuse | American Dictionary If you defuse a bomb, you prevent it from exploding.

What is called explosion?

An explosion is a rapid expansion in volume associated with an extremely vigorous outward release of energy, usually with the generation of high temperatures and release of high-pressure gases. Supersonic explosions created by high explosives are known as detonations and travel through shock waves.

What is detonation in fire?

A detonation occurs when the flame velocity reaches supersonic speeds above 600 m/s and generally in the 2000-2500 m/s range. Peak overpressures can be 20–100 times the initial pressure, with typical values of 20 bar.

What do you mean by explosives?

EXPLOSIVES. DEFINITIONS. 1. An explosive substance is a solid or liquid substance (or mixture of substances) which is in itself capable by chemical reaction of producing gas at such a temperature and pressure and at such a speed as to cause damage to the surroundings.

What explosion means?

noun. an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise, as of gunpowder or a boiler (opposed to implosion). the noise itself: The loud explosion woke them. a violent outburst, as of laughter or anger. a sudden, rapid, or great increase: a population explosion.

What is detonate chemical?

Detonation involves a complex interplay of chemical reactions and energy transfer between lattice and internal molecular modes, leading to a steady shock wave at the front of the detonation and a self-similar release wave of expanding reaction products at the rear [1-3].

Whats the opposite of detonate?

Opposite of to explode or cause to explode. implode. deflagrate. dismantle.