Does Ranma 1/2 anime have an ending?

Does Ranma 1/2 anime have an ending?

Ranma ½ was the third anime series based on a manga by Japan’s Rumiko Takahashi. The manga ran from September 1987 to March 1996, the anime beginning two years into that run and ending four years before the manga’s conclusion, the main reason the anime never had a proper ending.

Why was Ranma Cancelled?

An anime television series was created by Studio Deen and aired weekly between April 15, 1989, and September 16, 1989, on Fuji TV for 18 episodes, before being canceled due to low ratings.

Did Ranma and Akane get married?

In the battle for Mount Phoenix, Ranma confesses his love and feelings for Akane when he thinks she’s about to die. After the battle from Mount Phoenix, Ranma and Akane were going to marry each other. Unfortunately, their wedding got interrupted by Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, Kuno and etc.

Who does Akane end up with?

Plot. As of Chapter 2 in Scum’s Wish Decor, Akane and Narumi Kanai are still married and they have a child.

Is Ranma 1/2 coming back?

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the return of one of the genre’s most celebrated manga and anime properties – RANMA ½.

Who does ryoga end up with in Ranma?

At the end of the series, Ryoga, while now more serious about Akari, still has residual feelings for Akane. However he did not deliberately try to sabotage Ranma and Akane’s wedding unlike the rest of the rivals and suitors when they appeared.

Does Btooom have a good ending?

He is one of the world’s top players of the combat video game called Btooom! In the good ending, Ryoka survives and together planning a marriage with Himiko while in the bad ending, Ryoka perishes to sacrifice himself for Himiko and the remaining players to survive the game.

Does Akane find out about ryoga?

Ranma catches up to Akane and finds her shocked at what happened. Ranma thinks she must have poured hot water on P-chan and found out that he was actually Ryoga. Akane explains that when she tried to wash P-chan with the hot water, he latched onto the kettle and drank it all.

Who is Ranma in love with?

Canonically, Ranma is intended to be attracted only to Akane Tendo and Shampoo’s feelings for him are supposed to be one sided. However, as the anime and manga both have little real romantic development for any of the various relationships, it is possible to see Ranma and Shampoo as a couple.

Is Ranma a good anime?

The Anime was quite good and entertaining. The characters were well done and I liked Ranma as a badass martial artist being stuck in a curse that changes him into a girl if he touches cold water.

Can kids watch Ranma?

Ranma 1/2 is a comedy and one of the most loved family series ever. If you don’t mind occasional–and casual–nudity, this series is perfect for children of all ages.

Who married Ukyo?

That afternoon, having learnt of Ryoga’s feelings for Akane, Ukyo devices a plan where Ryoga will date Akane so that Ukyo herself is free to date Ranma and eventually become his only fiancé.

Does Ranma 1/2 have an ending?

I never saw it myself, but supposedly Kitty Animation went out of business, so Ranma 1/2 ended on a random run-of-the-mill episode. You’d have to read the manga to find out the “real” ending. Actually, it picked a nice episode to end at. I was pretty satisfied with it since it was kinda bittersweet.

What happened to Happosai and Ranma at the end of the manga?

The last part is a wedding between Ranma and Akane, but it gets interrupted by the fiancees. Ranma was gifted a barrel of Spring-of-drowned-man water, and that causes his rivals to attack too, but Happosai drinks all of it before anyone could use it.

What happened to Ranma and Akane in the manga?

The manga’s ending is just as open-ended and inconclusive. spoiler [ From what I remember seeing, Ranma was dressed up for his wedding with Akane, but every single character that had a thing for either of those two came busting in and ruined it all.

What is your review of the anime raidranma 1/2?

Ranma 1/2 is not like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball or Bleach. It simply doesn’t take itself serious enough for that. Basically, it’s an 161 episode long, episodic romantic comedy with a good dose of action. There are no major villains, no battles to decide the fate of the world, no casualties and no story arcs.