Does a bear have a vertebrae?

Does a bear have a vertebrae?

Although all mammalian species possess 7 cervical vertebrae, many anatomical variations among mammalian species have been noted. For example, the polar bear has 13 thoracic vertebrae and 7 lumbar vertebrae.

Is a polar bear a vertebrate or invertebrate?

Animal Classification (Vertebrate/Invertebrate)

Animals that do not have backbones. invertebrates
A fish is a _________. cold-blooded vertebrate
A polar bear is a ____________. warm-blooded vertebrate
What is the biggest group of invertebrates? arthropods

Is a black bear a mammal?

Bears are mammals that belong to the family Ursidae. There are eight species: Asiatic black bears (also called moon bears), brown bears (which include grizzly bears), giant pandas, North American black bears, polar bears, sloth bears, spectacled bears (also called Andean bears), and sun bears.

Is a polar bear a mammal?

Polar bears are classified as marine mammals Because they spend most of their lives on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean depending on the ocean for their food and habitat, polar bears are the only bear species to be considered marine mammals.

Who are vertebrae?

Vertebrae are the 33 individual, interlocking bones that form the spinal column. Each vertebra has three main functional components: the vertebral body for load-bearing, the vertebral arch to protect the spinal cord, and transverse processes for ligament attachment.

What are bears habitats?

Bears, a small group of mostly large omnivorous mammals, can be found all over the world; they live in forests, mountains, tundra, deserts and grassy areas.

What vertebrate group is a polar bear?

Polar bears are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Ursidae.

Is a black bear an omnivore?

What Does a Black Bear Eat? Bears are called omnivores because they eat both plant and animals. A Florida black bear’s diet varies, but usually consists of 80% plants, 15% insects, and 5% animal matter. The vegetative part of their diet is made up of grasses and leaves, as well as mast.

Is Tiger a mammal?

Tigers (Panthera tigris) are mammals of the Felidae family and one of four “big cats” in the panthera genus. They are predatory carnivores and the largest and most powerful of all living cat species. The Indian subcontinent is home to more than 80% of the wild tigers in the world.

Is a vertebra a bone?

Vertebrae. Vertebrae are the 33 individual bones that interlock with each other to form the spinal column. The vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx (Fig.

Is a bear a vertebrate or invertebrate?

It’s a vertebrate because it has a backbone. Invertebrates don’t have an internal skeleton made of bone. Bears are vertebrate. They have backbones

What kind of animal is a black bear?

The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is a large omnivore that inhabits the forests, swamps, and tundra throughout the more northerly reaches of North America.

What are the ancestors of the black bear?

Possible ancestors of the black bear include the extinct Ursus abstrusus and Ursus vitabilis known from fossils found in North America. Black bears are omnivores. Their diet includes grasses, berries, nuts, fruit, seeds, insects, small vertebrates and carrion.

Are black bears omnivores carnivores?

Black bears are omnivores. Their diet includes grasses, berries, nuts, fruit, seeds, insects, small vertebrates and carrion. Black bears are adaptable to a range of habitats but tend more towards forested areas.