Did Ron Darling ever hit a homerun?

Did Ron Darling ever hit a homerun?

An above-average athlete, he was sometimes used as a pinch runner and, in 1989, he hit home runs in two consecutive starts. Apart from his career with the Mets, Darling also played for the Montreal Expos and the Oakland Athletics.

Who is Ron darlings wife?

Joanna Lastm. 2004
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What was Ron darlings number?

12: Ron Darling — The fact that Darling also wore Nos. 44 and 15 in New York makes this a closer competition with Jeff Kent than it should be.

Where is Ron Darling from?

Honolulu, HI
Ron Darling/Place of birth

How old is Ron Darling?

61 years (August 19, 1960)
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What did Ron Darling major in in college?

At Yale, where he majored in Asian and French history and is just short of his BA degree, Ron compiled a 25-8 pitching record. His most remembered moment, though, was a loss in May 1981, when he pitched 11 innings of no-hit ball against St. John’s University in an NCAA playoff game, only to lose 1-0 in the 12th.

Where dies Ron Darling live?

Darling was born in Honolulu, HI and attended Yale University where he was a two-time All-American, leading the Bulldogs to two Ivy League titles… He currently resides with his family in Brooklyn.

What was Darryl Strawberry’s number?

Darryl Strawberry – 1998 – #39 – YankeeNumbers.com – Database of Yankee Uniform Numbers Through the Years.

What is the best baseball jersey number?

Now that the ground rules are set, let’s see who the greatest MLB players are for all 101 uniform numbers.

  1. 0 – Al Oliver. Position: Outfielder/first baseman.
  2. 00 – Jack Clark. Position: Outfielder/first baseman.
  3. 1 – Ozzie Smith. Position: Shortstop.
  4. 2 – Derek Jeter.
  5. 3 – Babe Ruth.
  6. 4 – Lou Gehrig.
  7. 5 – Albert Pujols.
  8. 6 – Stan Musial.

Who drafted Ron Darling?

1981, Texas Rangers
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What high school did Ron Darling go to?

Yale University
Saint John’s High School
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Does Ron Darling have any kids?

Tyler Darling
Jordan Darling
Ron Darling/Children

How old was Ron Darling when he was born?

Ron Darling was born on Friday, August 19, 1960, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Darling was 23 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 6, 1983, with the New York Mets.

When was Scott Darling drafted by the Texas Rangers?

In 1981, after his junior year at Yale, Darling was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the amateur draft. That year he pitched for the Rangers’ Double-A affiliate, the Tulsa Drillers of the Texas League, where he ended with a 4-2 record as a starting pitcher.

What college did drew Darling go to?

Darling attended Yale University from 1979 to 1981, leaving after his junior year for professional baseball. He majored in French and Southeast Asian history. Upon entering Yale, his plan was to play both football and baseball. Once there, though, he focused on baseball, not for lack of love of the sport.

What language does Richard Darling speak?

His mother was Hawaiian-Chinese, while his father was French Canadian, leading Darling to be fluent in Chinese and French as well as his native English. 1 When asked what the best 10 years of his life were, he said, “Right now I think from 10 to 20 were my favorite years.