Did Michael Jackson smoke or drink?

Did Michael Jackson smoke or drink?

Michael Jackson did not smoke. Neither was he a drinker. However, he would engage in a glass of wine ,one and no more! Mc Manus and Michael’s body guard said that Michael drank wine. ( See Searching Neverland and Mc Manus) Michael Jackson had a very strong personality and could not be easily influenced into doing things he felt was wrong.

Why did Michael Phelps apologize for smoking marijuana?

As reported in February of 2009, 23-year-old Michael Phelps apologized for his youthful indiscretion when he was caught on camera at a party smoking a bong that allegedly contained marijuana.

What happened to Michael Phelps?

The Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps, who was photographed inhaling from a marijuana pipe, has lost a major sponsorship deal and has been suspended from competition for three months. Kellogg, the food company, said Thursday that it would not renew its contract with Phelps when their deal expires at the end of February.

Did Michael Phelps get punished for his controversy with Kellogg’s?

And while many social media users seem to believe that Phelps received no punishment for this controversy, he was actually suspended for three months and lost a sponsorship deal with Kellogg’s cereal.

What were Michael Jackson’s health problems?

Michael Jackson ‘took hours to urinate’ and had such bad toenail fungus that doctors thought his flesh was rotting, a court heard today. Jackson’s health problems were listed in minute detail as jurors were told that his heartbroken daughter lashed out at Dr Conrad Murray for failing to save her father’s life.

Who was Michael Jackson’s best friend?

Michael Jackson’s world: He slept in an oxygen tent and his best friend was Bubbles the chimp. By Richard Price for the Daily Mail. Created: 17:29 EDT, 26 June 2009. For someone who quickly became…

What was Michael Jackson’s drug of choice?

Demerol seems to have been Jackson’s drug of choice – he came to rely on it during his 2005 child abuse trial. Demerol is also known as Pethidine and is given to women in labour. If taken alongside other sedatives or alcohol, patients can fall into a coma.