Did Duke Ellington compose Take the A train?

Did Duke Ellington compose Take the A train?

Duke Ellington’s signature composition was “Take the A Train,” written by his frequent collaborator Billy Strayhorn. A seeming natural-born talent, Ellington composed his first ragtime number at age 14. In 1923, he would move from his home in DC to Harlem, New York, at the center of the blossoming Harlem Renaissance.

Who made Take the A train?

Duke Ellington
Billy Strayhorn
Take The “A” Train/Composers

Who originally sang Take the A train?

Billy Strayhorn
Take the “A” Train

“Take the ‘A’ Train”
Song by Billy Strayhorn
Genre Jazz standard
Composer(s) Billy Strayhorn
Lyricist(s) Joya Sherrill (1944)

When was take the A train composed?

The signature tune of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, “Take the ‘A’ Train” was composed by Billy Strayhorn in 1939 and first recorded in January 1941 as a standard transcription for radio broadcast.

Who wrote Satin Doll?

Satin Doll/Composers

“Satin Doll” is a jazz standard written by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Written in 1953, the song has been recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 101 Strings, Terry Callier, and Nancy Wilson.

Who wrote lyrics for Duke Ellington?

At the end of the 1930s, Ellington began a nearly thirty-year collaboration with composer-arranger-pianist Billy Strayhorn, whom he called his writing and arranging companion. With Strayhorn, he composed multiple extended compositions, or suites, as well as many short pieces.

Who sings Take the A train with Duke Ellington?

Duke Ellington
The the ,a’ Train/Artists

When was Take the A Train by Duke Ellington written?

That 1941 recording of “Take the ‘A’ Train” may be considered definitive. Duke Ellington plays solo piano for the four bar introduction and then the A-A-B-A form is repeated three times….

Duke Ellington, John Latouche and Billy Strayhorn
Year Rank Title
1941 237 “Day Dream”

Where is Duke Ellington from?

Washington, D.C.
Duke Ellington/Place of birth

Who wrote the most jazz standards?

The most recorded standard composed by a jazz musician, and one of the most covered songs of all time, is Juan Tizol’s “Caravan” with over 500+ uses. Originally, the most recorded jazz standard was W. C. Handy’s “St.

Did Ellington write solitude?

In 1934, Ellington wrote the jazz standard “Solitude,” which he recorded and performed on a multitude of occasions in the late 1930s and beyond.

Who wrote Sophisticated Lady?

Sophisticated Lady/Composers
There’s something hauntingly beautiful about Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady. It was written as an instrumental piece in 1932. The lyrics were added later by Mitchell Parish, a prolific lyricist who got his start in New York’s Tin Pan Alley in the 1920s.