Can a dwarf pea plant ever have a dominant allele?

Can a dwarf pea plant ever have a dominant allele?

Can a dwarf pea plant ever have a dominant allele? In the case of pea plants, the dwarf trait is recessive. Recessive traits can only happen, if the organism’s phenotype has two copies of the same recessive allele.

What is the dominant allele for pea plants?

The letter used for the gene (seed color in this case) is usually related to the dominant trait (yellow allele, in this case, or “Y”). Mendel’s parental pea plants always bred true because both produced gametes carried the same allele.

What causes an allele to be dominant?

The simplest situation of dominant and recessive alleles is if one allele makes a broken protein. When this happens, the working protein is usually dominant. The broken protein doesn’t do anything, so the working protein wins out. A great example of a recessive allele is red hair.

What is it called when there is no dominant allele?

Codominance occurs when the alleles do not show any dominant and recessive allele relationship. However, each allele from homozygote is able to add phenotypic expressions in the offspring or simply the “mix” of each allele. The offspring’s phenotype is an intermediate of the parents’ homozygous traits.

What is meant by an allele?

An allele is one of two or more versions of a gene. An individual inherits two alleles for each gene, one from each parent. Though the term allele was originally used to describe variation among genes, it now also refers to variation among non-coding DNA sequences.

Which is dominant allele A or B?

With eye color, for instance, “B” stands for a brown allele and “b” stands for a blue allele. An organism with two dominant alleles for a trait is said to have a homozygous dominant genotype. Using the eye color example, this genotype is written BB.

What does heterozygous dominant mean?

The term “heterozygous” also refers to a pair of alleles. Unlike homozygous, being heterozygous means you have two different alleles. You inherited a different version from each parent. In a heterozygous genotype, the dominant allele overrules the recessive one. Therefore, the dominant trait will be expressed.

Why are peas green if yellow is dominant?

Turns out they have yellow peas because the yellow version, Y, is dominant over the recessive green version, y. Y always wins out over y: When a pea plant makes seeds, only one of its two copies of the color gene goes into the seed. So if you have two green pea plants, each can only pass a green version.

What makes a dominant allele different from a recessive allele?

When an allele is dominant, the characteristic it is connected to will be expressed in an individual. When an allele is recessive, the characteristic it is connected to is less likely to be expressed. Recessive traits only manifest when both alleles are recessive in an individual.

Why are dominant alleles not more common?

Whether an allele is dominant or not does not affect how common a trait is. Now of course traits can become more common over time. The changes just don’t have anything to do with whether the trait is dominant or not. If brown eyes gave an advantage, then it would start to become more common.

How do dominant and recessive genes differ?

The difference between dominant and recessive trait is that dominant genes always passes the dominant behavior genes while the recessive ones pass the recessive behavior genes. In fact, the dominant genes are said to be more likely to pass to future generations, while the recessive ones are less likely to do that.

When the dominant allele does not completely mask the recessive allele?

Incomplete dominance is when a dominant allele, or form of a gene, does not completely mask the effects of a recessive allele, and the organism’s resulting physical appearance shows a blending of both alleles. It is also called semi-dominance or partial dominance. One example is shown in roses.

How many axial flowers does a dwarf pea plant have?

A tall pea plant with axial flowers was crossed to a dwarf plant with terminal flowers. Tallness and axial flowers are dominant traits. The following offspring were obtained: 27 tall, axial flowers; 23 tall terminal flowers; 28 dwarf axial flowers and 25 dwarf terminal flowers.

What is the recessive phenotype of a pea plant?

Explain. The recessive phenotype must be a homozygote. The dominant phenotype could either be homozygous or heterozygous In a pea plant that is heterozygous with regard to seed color (yellow is dominant to green) is allowed to self-fertilize.

What is heterozygous in a pea plant?

In a pea plant that is heterozygous with regard to seed color (yellow is dominant to green) is allowed to self-fertilize. What are the predicted outcomes of genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring? A cross was made between a white male dog and two different black females.

Is the dwarf parent with terminal flowers homozygous for both genes?

The dwarf parent with terminal flowers must be homozygous for both genes because it is expressing these two recessive traits: ttaa, where t is the recessive dwarf allele, and a is the recessive allele for terminal flowers. The phenotype of the other parent is dominant for both traits.