Why did the capital of New Zealand change from Auckland to Wellington?

Why did the capital of New Zealand change from Auckland to Wellington?

Wellington became New Zealand’s capital in 1865, with Parliament officially sitting in the city for the first time on 26 July 1865. A panel of Australian-based commissioners later designated Wellington the seat of government due to its favourable geography, sheltered harbour and central location.

Why did Hobson shift the capital to Auckland?

The first capital Captain Hobson soon decided Okiato was not suitable and he shifted the capital in 1841. In May 1842, the former government house and its offices were destroyed by fire.

When was Auckland the capital of New Zealand?

New Zealand’s first Governor, William Hobson, established Auckland as the colony’s capital in 1841 on land offered by Ngāti Whātua. Although the capital was shifted to Wellington in 1865, Auckland remained a major gateway to New Zealand, and grew into a prosperous port city.

What were the capital cities of NZ?

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Wellington has been the capital of New Zealand since 1865. New Zealand’s first capital city was Old Russell (Okiato) in 1840–41. Auckland was the second capital from 1841 until 1865, when Parliament was permanently moved to Wellington after an argument that persisted for a decade.

When did NZ parliament move to Wellington?

The move – a substantial logistical exercise – took place in early 1865, at a total cost of £54,665 ($6.3 million).

When was Wellington New Zealand founded?

The New Zealand Company chose Wellington as its first organised settlement in 1839. Its future was uncertain until 1865 when it was chosen as the colony’s new capital.

What happened at the Battle of Kororareka?

When Lieutenant G. Philpotts of the Hazard ordered the bombardment of Kororāreka, Māori began looting the town. The Anglican and Catholic churches were spared from destruction on Heke’s orders. The looting and subsequent burning of Kororāreka shook the settler population.

When did Hobson arrive in NZ?

29 January 1840
William Hobson arrived in New Zealand on 29 January 1840 as lieutenant-governor of a colony that did not yet exist and the extent of which had not been decided. His task was to take possession of it with the consent of as many Māori chiefs as possible.

When was Auckland first settled?

Auckland was first settled by the Māori people in approximately 1350. The Māori constructed terraced pa (fortified villages) on the volcanic peaks of the area then known as Tamaki Makau Rau.

When was Auckland settled?

February 6, 1840
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What was the Maori capital?

With 3000 residents, Pāpāwai was known as ‘the Māori capital’.

Was Dunedin the capital of NZ?

In 1852, Dunedin became the capital of the Otago Province, the whole of New Zealand from the Waitaki south. In 1861 the discovery of gold at Gabriel’s Gully, to the south-west, led to a rapid influx of people and saw Dunedin become New Zealand’s first city by growth of population in 1865.