Who can you marry in Stick RPG 2?

Who can you marry in Stick RPG 2?

Stick RPG 2 gives you the option to marry….There are four girls that you can marry.

  • Devin ( -300 Negative karma > Bad Girl )- Has orange-red hair and a purple head.
  • Tiffany ( 100 Strength > Bimbo ) – Has blonde hair and a pink head.
  • Kate ( 200 Intelligence > Pretty Nerd ) – Has brunette hair and a teal head.

How do you cheat on Stick RPG 2?

Activating Cheats To find the cheats you’ll have to open your phone. Go to “Cheats” and a list of available/unavaliable cheats will appear. Cheats are not free (you have to buy them with Xgen credits with cash). In Director’s Cut the cheats are free.

How do you get Tiffany in Stick RPG 2?

Once the player has the required strength points, go to the 2nd Island during the afternoon, and you’ll find Tiffany. She will ask the player to bring her sister’s puppy back to her. Accept it.

How do you get the glowing sword in Stick RPG 2?

Obtaining. Located on the Fourth Island, in the Dangling Pianist, in men’s restroom is Arms Dealer Larry. He sells the Glowy Sword for 3100$ (1550$ with cheats) along with Minigun, Electro Helmet and Prototype Railgun.

How do you get a sledgehammer in Stick RPG 2?

How to acquire

  1. Buy a toilet paper from Wally Mart (2$, 1$ with cheats)
  2. Go to Skye’s bar on the second island (next to Dominick) and go to the male toilet.
  3. Give the toilet paper to the miserable man on the toilet.
  4. Woala! he will say that he saw this hammer and gave it to you.

Where is the Trophemon in Stick RPG 2?

The Eccentric Billionaire is located between Mobster Tower and Cozy Condo at night, and rewards the player with money and negative karma should the player choose to give the Trophemon to him.

What is the point of stick RPG?

The main points of interest include raising stats, earning job titles, and working at jobs. Similar to most RPG’s, Stick RPG Complete utilizes the concept of character development and interaction with the surroundings. The game can be set on four difficulty settings, which are: 15 days (hard)

How do you get married in Stick RPG 2?

Visit Tiffany in the bar in the second map at night. Ask her to marry you. So long as you have the ring and 200 strength, she’ll agree.

Where is the chainsaw Club in Stick RPG 2?

In the Dangling Pianist. The guy in the color purple gives you a chainsaw club member ship in Jim`s Gym.

How do you get the flamethrower in Stick RPG 2?

There are couple of ways to receive it – you can either win chess game in U of S (certain intelligence level required), free the Nigerian Prince in prison (10,000$ required) or buy it from the Dimensional Drifter in the 1st island (requires 100,000$, or 50,000$ with cheats).

How do you get the toilet paper in Stick RPG 2?