Which district is Mogalakwena?

Which district is Mogalakwena?

Waterberg District Municipality
Mogalakwena Local Municipality is located in the Waterberg District Municipality of Limpopo province, South Africa. The seat of Mogalakwena Local Municipality is Mokopane.

Who is the mayor of mogalakwena?

The ANC in Limpopo has appointed councillor Malesela Frans Mokwele as the mayor of the Mogalakwena Local Municipality, following the removal of Andrina Matsemela earlier this month.

Where is Mogalakwena situated?

Limpopo Province
Mogalakwena is located near the town of Mokopane within the Mogalakwena Local Municipality. Mogalakwena is one of the six local municipalities which form part of the Waterberg District, situated in the Western quadrant of the Limpopo Province in north eastern South Africa.

In which municipality is Mokopane?


Is Mogale City municipality open?

Weekly opening hours: Monday (TODAY): 07:30-04:00. Tuesday: 07:30-04:00. Wednesday: 07:30-04:00. Thursday: 07:30-04:00.

Which municipality is Musina?

Musina Local Municipality
Musina Local Municipality (LIM341) Description: The Musina Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located in the Vhembe District of the Limpopo Province. It is bordered by Zimbabwe in the north, Makhado and Thulamela in the south, Mozambique in the east, and the Capricorn District in the west.

Who holds executive authority in mogalakwena?

The Mayor is the leader of the council and has a number of roles which are both legislative and functional.

What happened at mogalakwena?

A take-down operation orchestrated by the Directorate for Priority Crimes’ (Hawks) at the Mogalakwena Municipality on Monday (August 30) led to the arrest of 13 people, while a further two were arrested later the afternoon.

What was mogalakwena before?

The town is named after Chief Mokopane, chief of the Tlou tribe (Ndebele (also known as Makapan)) in the 1850s and was previously known as Potgietersrus after the Voortrekker leader Piet Potgieter who was fatally wounded during the campaign against Makapan in 1854.

Which municipality is Mogale City?

West Rand District Municipality
Mogale City Local Municipality is a local municipality in West Rand District Municipality, Gauteng, in South Africa….Mogale City Local Municipality.

Mogale City
• Mayor Tyrone Gray (DA)
• Total 1,342 km2 (518 sq mi)
Population (2011)

What time does Mogale City municipality open?

Weekly opening hours: Monday: 07:30-04:00. Tuesday (TODAY): 07:30-04:00. Wednesday: 07:30-04:00. Thursday: 07:30-04:00.

Who is the mayor of Musina Municipality?

Mihloti Ramoyada
Executive Mayor: Mihloti Ramoyada, Cllr.