Where is the sleepover club set?

Where is the sleepover club set?

While the books were set in Cuddington, Leicester, England, the television show was set in the fictional Australian beachside suburb of Crescent Bay. The books revolve around five young girls who are part of a club in which they sleepover at each other’s houses at least once a week.

Who owns the Sleepover Club?

Olivia Mallinson
The Sleepover Club is run by 21-year-old Olivia Mallinson, who started the business after noticing what she said was a gap in the market for fashionable yet luxurious pyjamas.

Was the sleepover filmed in Vancouver?

Upload episode “The Sleepover” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

When did Sleepover Club start?

November 1, 2002
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When was sleepover filmed?

The Sleepover Club (TV series)

The Sleepover Club
Production companies Burberry Productions Wark Clements Rialto Films Southern Star Entertainment
Original network Nine Network
Original release 12 November 2003 – 21 March 2008

Where was the Sleepover Club Season 2 filmed?

Here are some of the locations that are located in Queensland and Western Australia during the filming of the Australian TV show, The Sleepover Club.

How many episodes of Sleepover Club are there?

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Was the sleepover filmed in Boston?

The Sleepover is an American action-adventure comedy film directed by Trish Sie, written by Sarah Rothschild, produced by Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon. was shot in Hanover, Boston, and Hanson, Massachusetts, USA. Filming locations included Boston Athenæum and Hanover High School. Boston, MA, USA.

Who did Mallory James Mahoney play in the sleepover?

In 2018, Mahoney began starring as Destiny Baker on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d. In the same year, she began appearing as Mally on the series Jamall & Gerald. In 2020, she starred as Ainsley Riches on the Netflix teen-drama series On My Block. She starred in the Netflix film The Sleepover.

Is The Sleepover Club Australian?

The Sleepover Club is an Australian live action series that was produced by Andy Rowley for Wark Clements and Burberry Production in association with Rialto Films, with the assistance of the Pacific Film and Television Commission for Netflix, ITV, Yey!, Nickelodeon and the Nine Network.

How many seasons are in the Sleepover Club?

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Was the sleepover filmed in Toronto?

Where was The Sleepover Filmed? The Sleepover was filmed in Boston Athenæum, Hanover, Hanover High School and Hanson.