When did SciGirls start?

When did SciGirls start?

It was launched in February 2010 and produced by Twin Cities Public Television, the episodes are broadcast on most PBS stations, and the project’s website, SciGirls, is designed to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers, in response to the low numbers of women in many scientific careers.

What do SciGirls do?

Each SciGirls half-hour episode depicts the STEM-themed activities of a group of middle-school girls including engineering a mini-wind farm, creating a turtle habitat, designing an electronic dress, and more.

How old is Izzie from SciGirls?

These characters also appear on the series website, which is integrated into the TV episodes. Izzie (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) is a 12-year-old girl with a constantly expanding assortment of interests. She also acts as the webmaster for the SciGirls website, which hosts a database of science videos following real-life SciGirls.