When did Henry McGee die?

When did Henry McGee die?

January 28, 2006
Henry McGee/Date of death
Henry Marris-McGee (Henry McGee), actor: born London 14 May 1929; died London 28 January 2006. In 20 years of playing the straight man to television’s cheekiest clown in The Benny Hill Show, Henry McGee, with his well-rounded vowels and snappy suits, became one of the most familiar faces on the small screen.

What happened to Henry McGee?

McGee was also often the announcer on Hill’s TV programme, delivering the upbeat intro “Yes!…

Henry McGee
Died 28 January 2006 (aged 76) Twickenham, London, England
Resting place Brompton Cemetery, London
Nationality British
Education Stonyhurst College

What happened Benny Hill?

He died at the age of 68 on 20 April 1992. Two days later, after several days of unanswered telephone calls he was found dead in his armchair in front of the television. The cause of death was recorded as coronary thrombosis. Hill was buried at Hollybrook Cemetery near his birthplace in Southampton, on 26 April 1992.

How old is McGee?

76 years (1929–2006)
Henry McGee/Age at death

Where is Henry McGee buried?

Brompton Cemetery, London, United Kingdom
Henry McGee/Place of burial

How old is Mcgee?

Where is Henry Mcgee buried?

Who inherited Benny Hills fortune?

He wrote his will three decades before his death. His parents were named as his beneficiaries when the will was written. Since his parents were deceased in 1992 when Benny died, the fortune would next go to his siblings.

How tall is Bennyhill?

5′ 10″
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Is Studio McGee Mormon?

In 2007, Shea graduated from Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is also known as the Mormon Church. Also, MormonWiki claims that the two are registered members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What was Benny Hill’s real name?

Alfred Hawthorne Hill
Benny Hill/Full name

Alfred Hawthorn Hill was born in 1924 in Bridge Street, Southampton. He later changed his first name to Benny in homage to his favourite comedian, Jack Benny.

Who said oh you are awful?

Dick Emery
The Dick Emery Show was broadcast from 1963 to 1981. A film entitled ‘Ooh… You Are Awful’ after Emery’s well known catchphrase was broadcast in 1972. Emery played Charlie Tully, a talented conman and ‘master of disguise’.

Who was Henry McGee?

Henry McGee,died on aged 76, was a character actor best known for his role as straight man to the television comics Benny Hill and Charlie Drake. He had only to “feed” their clowning to raise laughter, but he did so with immaculate, farcical solemnity.

What did Jim McGee do for a living?

McGee was also recognized for being in the ‘Sugar Puffs’ breakfast cereal commercials on television alongside The Honey Monster. His hobbies were gliding and collecting old engravings. He left a million pounds in his will.

How many children did John McGee have?

McGee had one daughter, Stephanie (born November 1963). He spent his last six months in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He is buried at Brompton Cemetery, London.