What was Ben Gazzara in?

What was Ben Gazzara in?

Gazzara starred in a television movie, Pursuit (1972), the directorial debut of Michael Crichton. He also made the television movies When Michael Calls (1972), Fireball Forward (1972), and The Family Rico (1972). He made The Sicilian Connection (1972) in Italy, and did a science fiction film The Neptune Factor (1973).

Who played Jackie Treehorn?

Ben GazzaraThe Big Lebowski
Jackie Treehorn/Played by
Ben Gazzara—a veteran character actor known for his films with director John Cassavetes, playing Brick in the original “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on Broadway, and playing Jackie Treehorn in “The Big Lebowski”—has died.

How old is Ben Gazzara?

81 years (1930–2012)
Ben Gazzara/Age at death

Ben Gazzara, an intense actor whose long career included playing Brick in the original “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on Broadway, roles in influential films by John Cassavetes and work with several generations of top Hollywood directors, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 81.

How tall is Ben Gazzara?

5′ 10″
Ben Gazzara/Height

Who was the doctor in Roadhouse?

Kelly LynchRoad House
Elizabeth Clay/Played by

Who was married to Ben Gazzara?

Elke Stuckmannm. 1982–2012
Janice Rulem. 1961–1979Louise Ericksonm. 1951–1957
Ben Gazzara/Spouse
Gazzara had been married to actress Elke Krivat since 1982 and had previous marriages to actresses Louise Erickson and Janice Rule. In addition to Krivat, survivors include two daughters and a brother.

Is Jackie Treehorn in Roadhouse?

Jack “Jackie” Treehorn is the overarching antagonist from the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. He was portrayed by the late Ben Gazzara, who also portrayed Brad Wesley in Road House.

Did Patrick Swayze’s wife play in the movie Road House?

In 1989, Lynch starred opposite Patrick Swayze in the action film Road House, and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for her performance in the crime drama Drugstore Cowboy, directed by Gus Van Sant.

Who owns Jackie Treehorn’s house?

A Los Angeles home immortalized by one of Hollywood’s most beloved cult films will get a second life now that its owner, billionaire basketball and fashion enthusiast James Goldstein, has decided to donate the residence to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

What happens to Brad Wesley in Roadhouse?

Clay arrives just in time to witness the men Wesley has bullied and extorted over the years, Red, Emmet, Stroudenmire and Tilghman, come to Dalton’s defense and shoots Wesley three times, with Tilghman stating that “this is OUR town, and don’t YOU forget it” and making the kill shot on Wesley.

Who is Ben Gazzara?

Mini Bio (1) Ben Gazzara’s screen career began with two critically acclaimed roles as heavies in the late 1950s. He turned to television in the 1960s but made a big screen comeback with roles in three John Cassavetes films in the 1970s. The 1980s and 1990s saw Gazzara work more frequently than ever before in character parts.

Is Ben Gazzara a friend of Peter Falk?

Despite being a close friend of Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara will never appear as a guest star in Columbo series, unlike John Cassavettes; another Falk’s close friend. Although they played enemies on-screen in Road House (1989) he said he very much enjoyed working with Patrick Swayze on that film and the two of them got along very well.

What kind of movies and TV shows did George Gazzara appear in?

Gazzara was in the 1963 Actors Studio production of Strange Interlude on Broadway. Gazzara became well known in several television series, beginning with Arrest and Trial, which ran from 1963 to 1964 on ABC. He also appeared in the TV special A Carol for Another Christmas (1964) and had a short Broadway run in A Traveller without Luggage in 1964.

Did George Gazzara turn down the role of the strange one?

Gazzara turned down the role in the film version. The studio planned to offer the role to James Dean, but the part was given to Paul Newman after Dean’s death. He followed it with another long run in A Hatful of Rain (1956). He joined other Actors Studio members in the 1957 film The Strange One produced by Sam Spiegel .