What trade routes did the Songhai Empire use?

What trade routes did the Songhai Empire use?

The Songhai Empire grew very wealthy thanks to its control of trading posts along the Trans-Saharan Trade Route, including Jenne and Timbuktu. This trade route connected North Africa to South and West Africa. Across these routes, a variety of goods, including foodstuffs, cloth, cowrie shells, and kola nuts flowed.

What was Songhai best known for?

Under the rule of Sonni Ali, the Songhai surpassed the Malian Empire in area, wealth, and power, absorbing vast areas of the Mali Empire and reaching its greatest extent. Following Ali’s reign, Askia the Great strengthened the Songhai Empire and made it the largest empire in West Africa’s history.

What did the Songhai Empire create?

Songhai Empire rulers created a powerful trading state with an economy based on gold, salt, and slaves. The gold was mined from plentiful sites along the Niger River and then traded for salt and slaves.

What technology did the Songhai Empire have?

The Songhai Empire raised above all other empires with its technology. They had many advancements such as canoes, calvary, protective armor, and iron tipped weapons. With these advancements the Songhai Empire built new mosques, conquered new land, and were able to educate the empire.

What resources did Songhai need?

The important natural resources of the Songhai Empire were gold and salt. Golf fields were abundant throughout the empire.

What did the Asante Empire trade?

European contact with the Ashanti on the Gulf of Guinea coast region of Africa began in the 15th century. This led to trade in gold, ivory, slaves, and other goods with the Portuguese.

What are two reasons why the Songhai is often considered one of the greatest African empires?

With several thousand cultures under its control, Songhai was clearly the largest empire in African history. Conquest, centralization, and standardization in the empire were the most ambitious and far-reaching in sub-Saharan history until the colonization of the continent by Europeans.

What led to the fall of Songhai Empire?

In 1590, al-Mansur took advantage of the recent civil strife in the empire and sent an army under the command of Judar Pasha to conquer the Songhai and to gain control of the Trans-Saharan trade routes. After the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Tondibi (1591), the Songhai Empire collapsed.

What weapons did the Songhai Empire use?

The Songhai army numbered some 30,000 infantry and 10,000 cavalry, but their weapons were mere spears and arrows.

What was the importance of the Ghana Mali and Songhai empires to world history?

While knights rode around medieval Europe, the three great empires of West Africa prospered through unimaginable wealth. Ghana, Mali and Songhai controlled more gold and conducted more global trade than any European power at this time in history.