What is masthead lights?

What is masthead lights?

‘Masthead light’ means a white light placed over the fore and aft centreline of the vessel showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 225 degrees and so fixed as to show the light from right ahead to 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on either side of the vessel.

How many lights does a masthead have?

two masthead lights
A power-driven vessel when pushing ahead or towing alongside, except in the case of a composite unit; Rule 24 (c), shall exhibit: two masthead lights in a vertical line; sidelights; a sternlight.

What color lights are on a boat?

Colored lights are always sidelights and the different color indicates the side. Red lights are located portside, and green are starboard. The lights shine from dead ahead to 112.5º aft on either side of the vessel. On some boats, sidelights can be combined into one bicolor light.

What is a tricolor light?

A Tri Color LED is an LED that can light up into two different colors depending on where current flows to on the LED. A typical LED can only light up to one color. For example, a red LED can emit only a red light. A green LED can emit only a green light.

Is a single white light always a stern light?

So what are the basic navigation light rules? For most small vessels, motoring requires red and green (port and starboard) lights, and a white light visible in all directions around the boat. This is almost always a stern light and a masthead light on sailboats.

What is the color of the screens for sidelights?

5. Screens for sidelights. The sidelights of vessels of 20 metres or more in length shall be fitted with inboard screens painted matt black, and meeting the requirements of Section 9 of this Annex.

What is a steaming light on a sailboat?

The masthead light is a white, forward-facing light that must be displayed by boats at night when operating under motor power. This light is often referred to as the “steaming light” (despite the fact that very few boats actually use steam power). The light is usually placed about 2/3 of the way up the mast.

What does red and white lights on a boat mean?

A steady red light marks the port (left) side of a boat; a steady green light marks the starboard (right). White lights are masthead lights or stern lights on the back of the boat. They make the boat visible at night.

Why do boats have blue lights?

(a) Law enforcement vessels may display a flashing blue light when engaged in direct law enforcement or public safety activities. This light must be located so that it does not interfere with the visibility of the vessel’s navigation lights.

What is a tri color LED?

Tri-colour LEDs contain two LEDs connected in parallel often with a common cathode connection which normally connects to 0V. The two LEDs are often green and red. By turning one or both LED’s on the light output can be red, green or orange. To obtain a full range of colours an RGB LED can be used.

What is a steaming light?

The white, forward-showing light carried by a powered vessel by night or in bad visibility. In the Collision Regulations this is called a ‘Masthead Light’ (though not required to be carried at the masthead) and it must show from dead ahead to 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on each side.