What is an example of docile?

What is an example of docile?

Ready to accept instruction or direction. The definition of docile is defined as a passive person or thing. An example of docile is a Guinea pig.

Does docile mean peaceful?

A person or animal that is docile is quiet, not aggressive, and easily controlled.

What is docile in a sentence?

Docile sentence example. The women he remembered were docile and silent. The next morning she was very docile , but evidently homesick. You could have any woman you wanted in any time you wanted, including one who’d be far more docile than I am.

What is the similar word of docile?

Frequently Asked Questions About docile Some common synonyms of docile are amenable, obedient, and tractable. While all these words mean “submissive to the will of another,” docile implies a predisposition to submit readily to control or guidance.

Why do you think it is important to be docile?

Docility is an integral part of prudence because one who is teachable is able to learn how to interpret how one should act. Docility shifts the educational focus away from the teacher who knows something to the learner who wants to know.

What is docile in animals?

(doʊsaɪl , US dɑːsəl ) adjective. A person or animal that is docile is quiet, not aggressive, and easily controlled.

What does docile mean in dictionary?

adjective. easily managed or handled; tractable: a docile horse. readily trained or taught; teachable.

What word is opposite to docile?

docile. Antonyms: intractable, stubborn, obstinate, self-willed, dogged. Synonyms: compliant, amenable, easily managed, yielding, gentle, quiet, pliant, tractable, teachable, tame.

Is Dociley a word?

1. Ready and willing to be taught; teachable.

How do you use domestic in a sentence?

Domestic sentence example

  1. This is just a domestic disturbance.
  2. So far, wee Maria stood head and shoulders over any other domestic helper Bird Song had employed.
  3. Tell him I locked down all missile strikes on domestic territory.
  4. It was such a domestic scene.

What are some antonyms for the word docile?

antonyms for docile

  • determined.
  • inflexible.
  • intractable.
  • obstinate.
  • opinionated.
  • stubborn.
  • uncooperative.
  • unyielding.

What does it mean to be docile in moral matters?

Being docile is being willing to “listen to what is revealed to us.

What is the definition of the word docile?

A person or animal that is docile is quiet, not aggressive, and easily controlled. …docile, obedient children. They wanted a low-cost, docile workforce. Synonyms: obedient, manageable, compliant, amenable More Synonyms of docile.

What is an antonym for docile?

Antonyms for docile. Antonyms for (adjective) docile. Main entry: docile Definition: willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed Usage: the docile masses of an enslaved nation. Antonyms: unregenerate, obstinate, stubborn Definition: tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield.

What does docility mean?

DOCILITY. Nugent , Pam M.S. The state of being calm and passive and not likely to attack. DOCILITY: “Many pets show a level of docility that allows them to live in harmony with families.”.

What does docileness mean?

Docileness meaning Quality of being docile; docility.