What is a white masthead light?

What is a white masthead light?

A masthead light is a white light at the front of the boat. The masthead light needs to be visible across 225 degrees and from two miles away. A stern light, which is a white light at the rear of the boat. The stern light needs to be visible across 135 degrees and from two miles away.

What is an anchor light?

Definition of anchor light : the light shown at night by a vessel at anchor.

Do I have to have an anchor light?

A 360-degree white all-around masthead light with two-mile visibility normally fulfills this requirement for most pleasure boats, but familiarize yourself with and follow the rule. Displaying a proper anchor light when anchored at night isn’t merely a matter of law. It’s a matter of safety for you and others.

Where is the anchor light on a sailboat?

On sailboats, anchor lights are placed at the top of the mast, while anchor lights on a motorboat are placed near the bow or stern. Lights for this purpose are increasingly in the form of LED lights, which have less of a drain on the battery.

How high does an anchor light have to be?

The forward anchor light prescribed in Rule 30(a)(i), when two are carried, shall not be less than 4.5 meters above the after one. On a vessel of 50 meters or more in length this forward anchor light shall be placed at a height of not less than 6 meters above the hull.

What is one factor that determines the type of anchor used?

Choosing the right anchor depends on the size and weight of your boat and the characteristics of the waterway bottom (i.e. sand, rock or mud).

Where do you mount an anchor light?

The light fitting must be located at least one metre above the sidelights; and should as far as practicable, be on the centreline of the boat. As a general rule, an all- round white light should not be obscured by masts or other structures by more than 6° of arc.

Which vessel when anchored at night does not show anchor lights?

(e) A vessel of less than 7 m in length, when at anchor, not in or near a narrow channel, fairway or anchorage, or where other vessels normally navigate, shall not be required to exhibit the lights or shape prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Rule.

Where do you put anchor lights?

What lights do you need at anchor?

When at anchor, all vessels up to 50m long must display an all round white light in a place where it can best be seen. When at anchor in a busy area, keep a proper lookout and display other lights – such as deck lights or cabin lights – to make sure you’re seen.

What is a white all round masthead light?

You are correct that a white all round masthead light is typically an anchor light. Sounds like it is wrongly labelled. Different lights – but somebody will have used a wrongly labelled switch for convenience and forgotten to warn you. There are many good graphic based sites showing what boat needs which light and when. .

Can I use a masthead light at the top of mast?

When motoring, you should display side lights, a masthead light and a stern light, so your all round light at the top of your mast shouldn’t be used as it doesn’t have the required cut out to the stern. Welcome to the forum. You are correct that a white all round masthead light is typically an anchor light.

Do you have a light on your mast when anchoring?

Boats approaching in the dark may not see a light on a mast sixty or seventy feet in the air when they are close to your boat. We use a simple garden path light on our stern when we anchor, left in a rod holder or flag socket. It comes on automatically at dusk and is a cheap and easy way to be more visible.

What is an anchor light on a boat?

Anchor light. A white light that shines so it is visible from all around the vessel required when anchored or moored between sunset and sunrise. The best place for this light is usually at the top of the highest mast; as in: Once successfully anchored we turn on the anchor light. Masthead light or steaming light.