What does mean lazily?

What does mean lazily?

1. Not willing to work or be energetic. 2. Slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy river. 3.

Is lazily adverb of manner?

In a lazy manner.

What is lazily adverb?

lazily adverb (NO EFFORT) disapproving.

What is a good sentence for idleness?

(3) I look down on those who eat the bread of idleness. (4) He can’t bear idleness. (5) They were condemned to spend a fortnight of idleness at that lonely island. (6) The closure of the large factory made many workers live in idleness.

What is another word for lazily?

What is another word for lazily?

idly casually
apathetically indolently
inertly languorously
lethargically sluggishly
unthinkingly inactively

What is the verb of lazily?

verb. lazied; lazying. Definition of lazy (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. : to move or lie lazily : laze.

What is the opposite word of lazily?

Opposite of in an idle manner. actively. busily. animatedly. dynamically.

How do you use feebly in a sentence?

Feebly sentence example

  1. The fire flickered feebly , its passion curbed by time as well.
  2. She ran to her father, but he feebly waved his arm, pointing to her mother’s door.

How do you use incipient in a sentence?

Examples of incipient in a Sentence The project is still in its incipient stages. I have an incipient dislike and distrust of that guy, and I only met him this morning.

What is opposite of lazily?

How do you call someone lazy in a nice way?


  1. bum.
  2. good-for-nothing.
  3. layabout.
  4. lazy person.
  5. loafer.
  6. ne’er-do-well.
  7. slacker.
  8. sluggard.

What type of noun is lazily?

Laziness. An instance of lazing.