Is OBC rank considered in JEE mains?

Is OBC rank considered in JEE mains?

If you have OBC certificate then your category rank will be considered as during document verification you need to show your category certificate to get selected by obc rank. But if you don’t have obc certificate the your Common rank list will be considered.

Can you get 45000 OBC ranked NIT?

Answer. If you are not concerned about your branch, then you will surely get a seat in an NIT.

Is OBC rank and general rank different?

OBC rank is your category rank and general rank is All India Rank. …

What is the minimum rank for NIT in OBC?

Answer. The minimum marks to get admission in NIT through JEE Main 2020 for candidates belonging to the General Category were 89.7 marks and for OBC-NCL category candidates were 75.3 marks.

How many seats are there in OBC for NIT?

Category-Wise NIT Seat Matrix

Category NITs Seats
Scheduled Tribe (ST) – PWD 123
OBC (NCL – Non-Creamy Layer) 5824
OBC (NCL – Non-Creamy Layer) – PWD 302
Total Seats 23506

What is difference between CRL and OBC rank?

The CRL is the list for general category candidates. In this list candidates are ranked purely according to marks obtained in JEE Main 2017, and not on any category. Meanwhile, your OBC-NCL rank is your rank among OBC-NCL category candidates, meaning other category candidates are not listed.

Can I get nit with 70 percentile OBC?

Answer. You won’t be able to qualify JEE mains with 70%ile. To qualify JEE mains you need more than 90%ile to qualify and more than 95%ile to get college like NITs,IIITs and GFTIs.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile OBC?

Answer. Hi Surendra. Yes there are very good chance of getting the you got good percentile and belonging to OBC category u may be selected.

What will be my OBC rank if my general rank is 50000?

Your category rank will be around 11,000-13,000.

How many OBC seats are there in IIT?

IITs have a limited number of seats only i.e. 16,053 for about 2.5 lakh applicants….Total Open & Reserved Seats in IITs – Seat Matrix at 23 IITs.

Category Number of IIT Seats
OBC-PwD 203
Total Seats 16053

Can you get 50000 OBC rank NIT?

With 50000 as your rank and having OBC category, you will surely get options for many NITs. You can choose the college and branch when you get exact rank. All the best. With 50k rank in OBC category, it is highly unlikely.

Can I get NIT with 70 percentile OBC category?

What is the difference between CRL Rank and OBC rank in JEE?

CRL rank is the all India rank no matter what is your category. If you are OBC category student then OBC rank (all India rank among only OBC students) is also shown to you. I secured 12000 CRL rank and 2560 OBC rank in JEE MAIN 2020. I am perfect man to answer your question.

What is the difference between general merit and OBC category?

OBC category is different from General merit. Candidates belonging to OBC category have some age relaxation and fee conseation while applying to Government jobs as well as while taking some entrance exams. To uplift the backward community candidates Government has given this opportunity.

Is there any reservation for general category students in OBC?

OBC stands for O ther B ackward C lasses and doesn’t come under General Merit list .Infact it has its own reservation means some seats are reserved specially for OBC candidate But there is no any provision of any reservation for general category students.

What is the meaning of OBC?

OBC is the Other Backward Classes category i.e its for those people who have been in any particular state for over 100 years now, and have been backward throughout. They are poor, and do not have proper means that the rich and privileged class of people have.