Is Callisto the farthest moon from Jupiter?

Is Callisto the farthest moon from Jupiter?

Callisto, the fourth and farthest of the Galilean moons from Jupiter, is the most heavily cratered object in the solar system. The moon’s landscape has essentially remained unchanged since its formation, which has garnered much interest among scientists.

How big would Jupiter look from Callisto?

At its farthest from Callisto it is about 2,553,743 kilometers from Callisto, and according to my rough calculations should appear to be about 4.2 arc minutes wide from Callisto, about an eighth of the diameter of the Moon as seen from Earth.

How close are Jupiter’s moons to Jupiter?

The Moons of Jupiter

Name Discoverer Distance from Jupiter
Ganymede Galileo, 1610 1,070,000 km/664,870 mi
Callisto Galileo, 1610 1,883,000 km/1,170,000 mi
Leda Kowal, 1974 11,094,000 km/6,893,500 mi
Himalia Perrine, 1904 11,480,000 km/7,133,300 mi

Can you see Callisto from Earth?

Through a telescope, Callisto is brighter than our Moon Despite being 628,300,000 km from Earth, Callisto appears much brighter in the sky than our Moon when viewed through a telescope – despite our Moon being only 384,400 km.

Is Callisto bigger than Earth?

Size: At 3,000 miles (4,800 km) in diameter, Callisto is roughly the same size as Mercury. It is the third largest moon in the solar system, after Ganymede and Titan. (Earth’s moon is fifth largest, following Io.)

How far is Callisto from Earth?

390.4 million mi
Callisto/Distance to Earth

Does Callisto glow?

It doesn’t actually glow, but this is actually a result of this moons surface. Even though it is old and heavily cratered, Callisto has a lot of ice across it’s surface. This makes it very reflective of the Sun, which makes it look like it is glowing.

How far is Io from Earth?

Io/Distance to Earth

Where is Enceladus?

Enceladus is one of the major inner satellites of Saturn along with Dione, Tethys, and Mimas. It orbits at 238,000 km from Saturn’s center and 180,000 km from its cloud tops, between the orbits of Mimas and Tethys.

How close is Callisto to the sun?

Size and Distance Callisto orbits about 1,170,000 miles (1,883,000 kilometers) from Jupiter and Jupiter orbits about 484 million miles (778 million kilometers) from our Sun.

Is Callisto black?

Meanwhile, the two Voyager flybys in 1979 showed Callisto to be a dark, heavily cratered world that has likely been geologically dead for eons. Curiously, Callisto’s reflectivity is only about 19% — even though its surface should be largely water ice. Something has contaminated the ice.

How big is the moon Europa?

969.84 mi

How many miles from Callisto to Jupiter?

Callisto orbits about 1,170,000 miles (1,883,000 kilometers) from Jupiter and it takes about 17 (16.689) Earth days for Callisto to complete one orbit of Jupiter. Callisto is tidally locked with Jupiter, which means that the same side of Callisto is always facing Jupiter.

How long does it take Callisto to orbit Jupiter?

Callisto is over one million miles from Jupiter. It orbits round Jupiter at an average distance of 1,169,856 miles (1,882,700 kilometres) from the planet. It takes 16.5 days to complete a single orbit, although it has to travel over 7 million miles. Callisto’s orbit is 7,345,927 miles (11,829,191 kilometres) long.

Which way does Callisto orbit Jupiter?

Callisto’s rotation is tidally locked to its orbit around Jupiter, so that the same hemisphere always faces inward . Because of this, there is a sub-Jovian point on Callisto’s surface, from which Jupiter would appear to hang directly overhead.

What planet is closest to Callisto in diameter?

Callisto has an approx similar diameter to the planet Mercury but it has only one-third of Mercury’s mass. The surface of Callisto is the most heavily cratered surface in the Solar System. Its surface is mostly covered with impact craters.