How old is April Stevens?

How old is April Stevens?

92 years (April 29, 1929)
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When was April Stevens born?

April 29, 1929 (age 92 years)
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April Stevens (I) April Stevens was born on April 29, 1929 in Niagara Falls, New York, USA as Carol Lo Tempio.

Was April Stevens ever married?

Background. April Stevens married Jack Ewing (Dack Rambo) and during their divorce hearing the judge granted her to be entitled to 50% of his future income.

When was Deep Purple written?

“Deep Purple” was written by composer Peter De Rose as a piano solo in 1934.

Why was Teach Me Tiger banned?

Stevens returned to the U.S. chart in 1959 with the song “Teach Me Tiger”, which caused a minor uproar for its sexual suggestiveness and consequently did not receive airplay on many radio stations.

What movie is Teach Me Tiger in?

86 on the Billboard Hot 100. It did reappear though, as it was featured in the 2006 film Blind Dating, the 2011 Flemish film, North Sea Texas, and it recurred on Season 1 of the Russian thriller To The Lake.

How many wives did Bobby Ewing have?

Background. Bobby was born February 16, 1949 (according to a shot of his passport in season 14 episode “Charade”) on Southfork Ranch.

Who sang Deep Purple first?

Rod Evans, original lead singer of hard-rocking Deep Purple, walked away from the music business in the late 1970s.

Who made Deep Purple famous?

Featuring vocalist Bea Wain, the Clinton version was a huge hit. Released in January 1939 on Victor Records, the Clinton recording was number one on the U.S. popular music charts for nine consecutive weeks in 1939. The next most popular version was made by Jimmy Dorsey which reached the No.

Who sang the song Kiss Me Tiger?

April Stevens
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How old is Bobby from Dallas?

Well known for playing Bobby in the critically acclaimed soap opera Dallas, Patrick Duffy is a familiar face in American television. Soap operas were his forte but he also made appearances on TV shows of other genres. The 70-year-old has had a successful career that started in the 70s.

Does Pam and Bobby remarry?

Pam and Bobby remarry in 1986, and she receives good news at the end of the 1986–87 season finale: she is finally able to conceive a baby, after confirming that there would be no health risks involved.

What is Nino Tempo famous for?

Nino Tempo is best known for his duo with his sister, April Stevens, which produced a number of popular recordings in the ’60s, notably “Deep Purple.”. He also had a long career as a session musician,….

Did Nino Tempo sing with his sister?

Via a Bobby Darin recording session, Tempo made connections with Atlantic Records and contracted with its subsidiary Atco Records . However, Nino Tempo is known best for his 1963 duet ” Deep Purple ” on Atco with his sister Carol (singing under the stage name April Stevens), which scored No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

How many songs did Nino Tempo and April Stevens have?

Love Story and Their Hits of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow Nino Tempo & April Stevens (Shown as Nino & April, New A& M Singles, plus five early hits. Re-recorded and released only in Europe) A&M 87 980 IT

What was the name of the song Nino and April?

However, Stevens, billed simply as April, reached the pop charts with “Wake Up and Love Me” (which she co-wrote with Tempo and Jeff Barry) in June 1974, and the duo, billed as Nino & April, reached the easy listening charts with “You Turn Me On” in April 1975.