How do you open the door in Goldenrod underground?

How do you open the door in Goldenrod underground?

Beat the Rocket Executive on the top floor who was impersonating as the Director. He’ll give you a key that will unlock the blue door to the Underground Warehouse, which you can reach by going into the Underground Tunnel in Goldenrod City.

How do you get the card key in the radio tower in Pokemon Gold?

Upon finding the real station manager in the second basement of the Goldenrod Department Store, he will give the player a Card Key to open the door on the third floor that separates the upper floors of the tower in two.

How do you get Team Rocket in Goldenrod City?

After you’ve defeated seven Gym Leaders, Team Rocket will take over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.

How do you get to the director in Goldenrod City?

After defeating many Grunts, the player meets up with who is assumed to be the Director. It turns out that this Director is merely an impostor: Team Rocket Executive Petrel disguised as the Director. Once he has been defeated, Petrel will reveal that the Director is in the Goldenrod Tunnel.

How do I get the key to the basement in Goldenrod City?

Bring a well-balanced team of your best Pokemon because you’ll need to battle your way through a horde of Rocket trainers to make it to the executive posing as the station director, who gives you the Underground Key.

How do you get the items in the basement of the Goldenrod department store?

The basement is only accessible from the Department Store via the elevator. A team of workers and a Machoke are moving boxes around.

How do you get the basement key in Pokemon Gold?

Feel free to return to the Pokemon Center to heal at any time. On the top floor, you’ll see the director is actually a Team Rocket executive who you’ll have to fight. When you beat him, he’ll give you the Basement Key.

Where is the underground passage in Goldenrod City?

The Goldenrod Tunnel (Japanese: コガネちかつうろ Kogane Tunnel), known as the Underground (Japanese: ちかつうろ Underground Path) in Generation II, is a shopping district stretching below Goldenrod City. The shops that are open in the Tunnel depend on the days of the week and, in some cases, the time of day….B2F.

Poison Flying

How do you get the Machop muscle?

Jose is a Machop owned by the Player, which they received by trading Drowzee to Jose….

When Obtained HeartGold/SoulSilver (traded to the Player)
Where Obtained Goldenrod City, Johto
Poké Ball Poké Ball

Where is the underground tunnel in Goldenrod City?

Goldenrod Tunnel

Goldenrod Tunnel The Underground コガネちかつうろ Kogane Tunnel “Wild Missingno. appeared!”
Location: Downtown Goldenrod City
Region: Johto
Generations: II, IV
Location of Goldenrod Tunnel in Johto.

Where are the haircut Brothers Soul Silver?

Goldenrod City
The haircut brothers (Japanese: さんぱつきょうだい Haircut brothers) are groomers in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and their remakes, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, occasionally appearing in the Goldenrod Tunnel in Goldenrod City, Johto.

Where can I play the coin game in Goldenrod City?

The next place you can visit is the Goldenrod City Game Corner right above the Pokemon Center. “A safe and sound playground.” You can play the coin game with Mr. Game but first you need a coin case from him. These games and the prizes use coins not pokedollars. If you don’t know how to play the game just hit Game Info and How to Play.

Can I give the mail to a friend in Goldenrod City?

However, note that whatever Pokémon you give the mail to will be claimed by the friend, so make sure to not give it to anyone important. The Goldenrod City Station is a train station. The train won’t be coming in for a long while, although you won’t know that right away.

How do I get back to the Goldenrod Center in Crystal?

In Crystal, it is required to traverse Route 35/36 three times and there are lots of spinning trainers who can fight you. Catching an Abra beforehand makes this part much easier so you can just teleport back to the Goldenrod Center instead of backtracking. As you leave Goldenrod to the north, talk to the guard in the guardhouse.

How difficult is Goldenrod City to navigate?

Goldenrod City is a gigantic location, and one that can be fairly daunting to successfully navigate. The idea here is to not get overwhelmed, and to take things as they come.