How do I embed a stream video in Sway?

How do I embed a stream video in Sway?

Insert embed code into Sway

  1. Open Sway.
  2. Select Cards on the top navigation bar at the top of your Sway.
  3. Select Embed within the Cards pane, then paste your embed code to the new embed card that appears in the Storyline.

How do you upload a recording to Sway?

Record audio in Sway

  1. On the top menu bar, click Cards, and add the Audio card to your Sway.
  2. Click Record on the audio card.
  3. After a three second countdown, the flashing button will indicate you’re recording.
  4. Click the flashing button when you’re done recording.
  5. Click the play button to preview your recording.

How do I make video autoplay Sway?

menu on the top right to go to Settings and turn autoplay on. Additionally, you can autoplay any Sway you are viewing by clicking the Settings gear at the top right-hand corner of the Sway. In the Autoplay settings box, set the delay and then press Start. The Sway will now play automatically.

Can I add a PDF to a Sway?

Sway can import content from Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can create a new Sway from an imported document or file, or you can add the contents of a document or file to an existing Sway.

Can you add music to Sway?

Sway has an Audio card that allows you to insert a piece of audio into your Sway. To insert, just click the + on the Storyline and then select Audio from the Media tab. When the user navigates to the part of your Sway with the Audio, they will be able to play it.

How do I add animations to Sway?

If you go into Design mode and open the Styles pane, on the customize tab, at the bottom, is a slider that controls how much animation is included in your Sway and sliding it to the right will cause more to appear.

How do I put background on Sway?

Click Create new from the home page. On the automatically generated card, input a title in the Title your Sway field. Click on Background to select a background image. Click on an image category displayed to the left of the storyline, or click on My Device or Onedrive for Business to upload your own image.

Can you do voiceover on Sway?

Olivia, On the Storyline of your Sway, click the + button and on the Media tab, select Audio. This will insert a card that will allow you to upload an audio file into. Jason, thanks, this is helpful.

How do I add captions to Sway?

Submitting your Media for Captioning:

  1. In your CaptionSync account, go to Caption/Transcribe -> Advanced Settings. Under the Output Types tab, select the .
  2. Make your Captioning request, using your Sway media file.
  3. Once results are available, download the . vtt file from the Results Email or the Submission Details Page.