Are Serayah and Jacob Latimore still together?

Are Serayah and Jacob Latimore still together?

He’s been dating Empire actress Serayah for about a year now and it’s his first “industry” relationship. In the interview below, Latimore discusses how he balances his two talents, how he maintains his public relationship with Empire actress Serayah and what more to expect in 2020! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.

How tall is Latimore?

5′ 7″
Jacob Latimore/Height

Is Jacob Latimore related to Kenny Latimore?

Latimore, who moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta when he was 11, was raised around music: His father and uncle formed the gospel quartet The Latimore Brothers, his mother worked at a record company and his cousin is R&B singer Kenny Lattimore (who spells the family name differently).

How old is Jacob Latimore now?

25 years (August 10, 1996)
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What happened to Jacob Latimore?

Latimore is currently starring on Showtime’s The Chi as Emmett. In 2019, “Bilal: A New Breed of Hero” was released in which Latimore acted as a voiceover. In 2020, he co-starred in the comedy Like a Boss. In 2021, he starred in Gully.

Who is Jacob Latimore dad?

Jacob Latimore, Sr.
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Who does Marshon Lattimore play for?

New Orleans Saints#23 / Cornerback
Marshon Lattimore/Current teams

What position does Marshon Lattimore play?

Marshon Lattimore/Position

How did Jacob Latimore became famous?

Actor and pop-R&B vocalist Jacob Latimore first gained fame as a Radio Disney artist in the mid-2000s before coming to wider recognition with his 2007 single “Superstar.” Along with singing, Latimore has appeared in film and TV projects including Vanishing on 7th Street, The Maze Runner, Detroit, and The Chi.

Does Kenny Lattimore have a son?

Kenny Lattimore Jr.
Kenny Lattimore/Sons

Personal life. In January 2002, Lattimore married singer Chanté Moore in Jamaica. On April 10, 2003, Moore gave birth to their son Kenny Lattimore Jr.

How old is Kenny Lattimore?

51 years (April 10, 1970)
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How much does marshon Lattimore weigh?

192 lbs
Marshon Lattimore/Weight